Your Guide to Minting your New NFF Membership

By John Tiroud By John Tiroud | May 20, 2022 | Lifestyle, Feature, Sponsored Post,


If you really want to mint your new Non Fungible Films membership, then you need to understand what the membership is giving you. It is giving you complete access to the world of Non Fungible films, and it’s a world filled with heroes, villains, gods, and people who are dealing with their own adventures while also helping everyone understand the benefits of cryptocurrency as well as the new world of Web3, which is focused on decentralization and creator control of their story.

The Non Fungible Films Membership will also allow you to connect with an amazing community of creators who are equally attached to the worlds and the multi multiverse that NFF is creating, and you can tell your own stories within their framework, branch out to create your own, or even work with other creators to combine your talents.

Whether you want to stream and gain engagement based rewards, learn about the various NFheroes that populate the multi metaverse, or create your own stories where everything is 100 percent owned by you, the world of Non Fungible Films is going to open doors to decentralized creativity, where you don’t need to worry about anyone else claiming ownership of your work!

If you want to grab your Non Fungible Films Membership Pass, then you should do so quickly, because you will be able to mint your new Non Fungible Films Membership in order to get access to the Non Fungible Films Metaverse and all that we have to offer! You’ll be able to see our Web3 content across several platforms, and we’ve got three tiers of membership that this guide is going to break down for you.

Once you’ve picked a tier you want to work with, minting your NFT will be the same as minting it on any other platform. No extra steps or hidden fees, just benefits!

Benefits For All Members

First, all three tiers do get the same benefits to start. For starters, you get membership in both the NFF discord server and also in the website. Early access to all the media content we plan to produce is available as well, as well as first serve access to all exclusive merchandise that we will produce for those media forms.

So no matter where you sign up, you will be able to connect with our team and see what we are making here at Non Fungible Films!

Membership 1: Cast & Crew

The Cast & Crew membership is the basic tier, where you get either an allowed list or a discount on all our future NFT collections. We also plan to host votes on the development of our strategic initiative and project development, and you will have voting rights on what we work on next. Additionally, we want to involve our community in various in person and online events where you can connect with our team and with fellow NFF lovers, and you will be given tickets to select events.

The Cast and Crew membership is the best way for you to show your love for Non Fungible Films, and the best way to be involved in our community and see what we are going to bring into the Web3 world next!

Membership 2: Executive Producer

For starters, you get free minting of our future NFF collections, weighted voting rights in our development polls, and can come to all the events that we host and are a part of. This is the perfect tier for those who really want to get involved and help us steer the ship! Additionally, you will get a free custom Oscar Haley Toy, and a Custom Non Fungible Film ledger

The Oscar Haley collection is a 20,000 piece NFT collection, and 10,895 of those pieces will be going to the membership pass holders at executive producer or higher. If you want to get on the ground floor of our adventure, this is the tier to do it. Plus, the custom ledger will allow you to easily store your cryptocurrency and your NFT’s in one easy place. Lastly, much like real executive producers, your name will be included in the ‘Special Thanks’ credits for every single Non Fungible Films product. You’ll go down in history with us, don’t worry about that!

Membership 3: Studio Head

There’s only three of these executive passes left, so you’d better act fast! You will get free future NFF collection access, weighted voting rights, the ability to attend all events as a VIP, the custom Oscar Haley Toy and Ledger, and the ‘Special Thanks’ credit.

In addition to all of this and everything else mentioned above, you will also have access to our products before anyone else. You will be on quarterly calls with the Non Fungible Films team, with the ability to ask them anything you would like. Additionally, you will get first look access at the products in production, and alpha builds and information the public doesn’t even know about.

Finally, if you happen to own a BAYC NFT (Board Ape Yacht Club NFT’s), then you are really in luck. We plan to do extensive partnering with them and their assets, and if you are a BAYC owner whenever you apply, we guarantee that your asset will be offered to be used in a Non Fungible Films TV or film production. This is the perfect way to get your asset on screen, and certainly a great benefit of our studio head membership.

Keep An Eye Out For The Minted NFF Passes

The Cast & Crew version of the Non Fungible Films Membership will be minted soon, and if you want access keep an eye out! We are very excited to see you mint your own NFT under our banner and then you can watch it expand with our universe. We offer a lot to the people who choose to create their NFT’s on our marketplace, so don’t hesitate to act once the Cast & Crew pass gets out into the world!

Photography by:  NFF