Yoins Clothing Goes Center Stage at Coachella, Presented by Yoins Collection

By Riddhi Keralia and Thomas Herd | April 24, 2018 | Style & Beauty

Did you watch history take place at Coachella this year?


Beyonce’s reunion with Destiny’s Child popped up across nearly every media page worldwide and Kendrick Lamar and SZA’s performance (perfectly timed with Kendrick’s winning of the Pulitzer Prize) has now become an iconic moment in music.

In the fashion world, too there were awe-inspiring performances. One such example was the powerful movement ignited by the Yoins Collection. Spearheaded by blockbuster endorsements from Coachella fashion idols such as Rose Bertram, Michele Maturo, and Kara Del Toro, Yoins sprung into the limelight in real time.

Rose, Michele, and Kara Del Toro all donned outfits from the Yoins x Coachella Collection.The collection presents outfits that are both chic, vibrant and playful capturing the Coachella spirit and adding a dash of feminine flair and sophistication.

The collection as well as the music are definitely worth checking out. We hope you can make it to Coachella and experience the full fashion and music spectacle that awaits.

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