The World Runs in the Direction of the Human Will and Potential - Matt Andrews

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 20, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Shakespeare once said that "All the world's a stage." It certainly seems so. There's always something happening in it, and even when COVID-19 put the brakes on the world's movement, individuals found themselves struggling, fumbling, and triumphing as parents, teachers, sisters, sons, and more. The stage of life gives us the chance to be the best we can be. At least that's how real estate expert and philanthropist Matt Andrews sees himself.


Andrews likes to think of himself as a collaborator on the home front and in his professional avatar. He says, "I like to work with people and watch them explore their potential. I have observed that the world runs in the direction of the human will and potential. If it can be unearthed and encouraged to move in the direction of a collective good, that's good news for all."

Andrews wears many hats. Among them shining brightly is his finesse as a real estate expert. "Being in this field," he says, "I have come to regard our natural resource – land – as invaluable. It may seem obvious, but I have noticed that people in the business often forget or ignore that. As a professional community, we owe it to the world to take our responsibility seriously. I do believe that when we build eco-friendly buildings and allow the landscape to govern our building and construction sensibilities instead of forcing our will on the land, we stand to gain more and lose less."

"As someone who likes to invest in people, I like to keep an eye out for talent because I'm always involved in one project or another. I have consciously chosen to make my life about the things I do instead of myself, this has given me the freedom to bring the best talent on board for every project without the fear of losing any credibility or my sense of self-esteem. People enjoy the freedom with which they can work along with the company of other like-minded people who they get to work with." As a philanthropist, Andrews has successfully put together teams to organize wheelchairs for the most vulnerable in Jamaica, provide a home for orphaned children, and make inspiring films that help people overcome their adversities.

To work well with others is a way to work well within yourself. And the more coordinated we are with our own selves, the more organized we will make our world.

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