Wondering How to Handle Online Bullying and Criticism? Instagram Star Jimmy Smacks Shares 3 Useful Insights

By: Karishhma Ashwin By: Karishhma Ashwin | April 26, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Criticism chimes in many forms: bullies, duly peeved customers, jaded teenagers, and plain old internet trolls who just want to get a rise out of a thriving entrepreneur or artist. Dealing with them can be quite overwhelming. Having said that, Jimmy Smacks reveals some easy tactics to deal with critics successfully – the same tricks which have made him an Instagram star. Let’s delve.


The art of dabbling

Here, Jimmy talks about whether to dabble in a pool of a specific criticism or not in the first place. He shares, “Decide if it’s worth your time. If it is, then you will know yourself how to deal with it, just keep an open mind.” While it’s important to be open to feedback, not all criticism is positive. Jimmy raises the curtain on how to stay away from haters in the next point.

Simply Ignore

Jimmy shares, “If the trolls are hiding behind anonymity and hurling wicked comments, they're clearly just trying to rile up controversy – in this case, the best response is no response. Because all a troll wants is for you to move the limelight onto him." Jimmy’s advice? "Never feed a troll or any such online critic."

Power of engagement

Jimmy says negative comments are not necessarily led by haters, but also from critics who may be reliable sources, mentors, or even consumers. Although their words may by incisive, they’re not driven by hatred. He shares, “They are just pointing out offensiveness or slip-ups in your content which can actually help you, as a content creator, to do better.” In this case, the best course of action is to engage with them. Made a mistake? Rectify it. Got misunderstood? Clarify yourself. Offended somebody deliberately or not? Apologize.

Jimmy Smacks is making waves as an Instagram Star, director, and actor. His advice on dealing with critics and internet trolls is too good to miss.

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