How William Rivera Teaches Students to Become Million Dollar Sellers on Amazon

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | April 14, 2021 | Sponsored Post

E-commerce business is among the most popular business trends in the digital space. The interest in e-commerce among young aspiring entrepreneurs grew because of its wider scope for revenue generation and business expansion. William Rivera is one such e-commerce millionaire who has fired up his e-commerce business with tried-and-tested business strategies.


William Rivera has learned the tactics of the e-commerce business the hard way. He initially struggled to find ground on e-commerce losing a lot of money and precious time in the process. However, his never-yielding spirit made him not give up on his dreams and he began to push himself harder. William Rivera drove 45 minutes to reach his college campus to use the campus Wi-Fi and work on his business. He gave his business his everything and even dropped out of his studies at Georgia Gwinnett College.

He worked side hustles at LA Fitness and Amazon warehouse to save some capital to start his business and enroll in e-commerce learning courses. After a lot of research, he finally started his first online store with Amazon, the e-commerce giant. Within a few months, he was able to make $45,000 in revenue. However, he felt that he needed to learn more to reach his goal and so sold his business for $3,000 and used the money to gain more knowledge on e-commerce. After a while, he made $100,000 from his new e-commerce venture. At present, his monthly revenue on Amazon is around $350,000.

The digital world has always fascinated William Rivera. He started sharing his journey from the beginning on his Instagram account. After he achieved success on the e-commerce platform, his friends and followers wanted to know more and sought his knowledge and experience. This is when he thought of launching his e-commerce program, Ecom Degree University.

Ecom Degree University is an e-commerce learning program where William Rivera shares every bit of his knowledge that he learned the hard way over the years. The program offers coaching on starting an e-commerce business and selling branded items on Amazon without running Facebook ads or any sort of marketing campaigns. This is the exact strategy that William Rivera used to make $350,000 from his Amazon store in just 25 days. He also offers lifetime access to the program including all its future additions to his students. All these benefits have made Ecom Degree University stand out from the other e-commerce training programs.

Today, Ecom Degree University has more than 700 students and the number is expected to grow up to 1000 by this year. Some of the top students of the program are already earning six to seven-figure revenue from their e-commerce stores.

William Rivera knows that the world of e-commerce is constantly evolving and that he must continue to explore the business to stay updated on the latest trends. He is always looking for new opportunities to improve his knowledge and share them with his students. This is because he doesn’t want his students to make the same mistakes that he did. For William Rivera, Ecom Degree University is a humble initiative to help aspiring entrepreneurs venture into e-commerce with confidence.

Photography by: William Rivera