Why Social Reign's Mega Giveaways are the Key to Social Growth

Thomas Herd | April 16, 2021 | People


Ten years ago, when an entrepreneur made plans to launch a business, the value of social media was hardly something considered when developing one’s business plan. Though today, the social media’s value and influence on a business or brand can quite literally make or break it. As many have quickly observed, with a strong following and active engagement with their community, a brand’s Instagram following can be valued as one of the company’s biggest assets. One U.K.-based company making waves with their organic social growth strategy is Social Reign.

Known for their mega giveaways that include luxury goods from designer brands like Louis Vuitton, Christian Dior coupled with paid holidays with accommodations at high-end hotel brands, Social Reign has got the Instagram giveaway model down to an art. By utilizing a carefully selected pool of influencers and celebrities to promote their giveaways, Social Reign is able to guarantee massive exposure and therefore growth to their clients. All one has to do to enter a chance to win a giveaway is follow the list of Instagram accounts promoted by the influencers and celebrities. And with these colossal influencers touting at least a million followers each, Social Reign clients are guaranteed to gain a minimum of 20,000 followers during the period of the giveaway, though some clients have merited upwards of 60,000.

But what makes their growth model so special is their ability to ensure real, organic growth from accounts that are not bots or fake. By genuinely curating a following with selected influencers that are in line with the client’s brand, Social Reign offers more than just social growth. They offer clients the unique opportunity to establish a community where their clients will interact. Though Social Reign has been long recognized for its work in the U.K., this year they have been excited to expand their services to the United Arab Emirates and plan to branch out into the United States later in the summer.

As time continues to prove, the influence and power of one’s social media following and community matters when it comes to launching a successfully run business. With Social Reign, brands can truly add the value they need to elevate their business. To learn more about how you can elevate your brand or company with the help of Social Reign, visit their website.


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