Here's the Weirdest Wellness Trend Whitney Port Admits to Trying

By Jessica Estrada | August 21, 2018 | People

Former The Hills star, influencer, and new mom Whitney Port is all about living a wellness lifestyle, as one does when they live in Los Angeles. Port shares her favorite spots to grab a healthy bite in LA, her top tips for staying healthy while traveling, how she refuels after a workout, and the weirdest wellness trend she’s ever tried (hint: It involves nudity).


What are some of your favorite healthy dishes to make at home?
WHITNEY PORT: Timmy's and my ideal night is to cook together and chill! We have a few staples in the house that are super easy to make. We love to make these two dishes on repeat: chicken meatballs with an arugula and parmesan salad and grilled marinated flank steak with roasted sweet potatoes and a healthy Caesar. I am Timmy's sous chef so I do the shopping and then just follow direction! However, I always make the salad dressing on my own.

What are some of your favorite spots in LA to grab a healthy bite?
WP: I love Beverly Hills Juice for a smoothie, La Scala for a chopped salad, Fresh Corn Grille for a quick Caesar with grilled steak or turkey meatloaf on the go, and Cafe Midi at American Rag for a grilled chicken salad with beets and goat cheese!

How do you maintain your healthy habits even when you’re traveling?
WP: I try to pack a lot of snacks. Those little nut packs from Trader Joe's are amazing and I love the peanut butter flavor Perfect Bars. The airport usually always has some sort of fresh fruit option and yogurt as well but once I'm on the ground, it's all about moderation. I allow myself to eat what I want, just small portions. I think self control is key to a healthy mindset with food. I don't like to put too many restrictions on myself, especially when I travel, because there are so many great things to try. It's just about taking a few bites of something and knowing you don't have to finish the whole thing to enjoy it.

What’s your regular workout routine look like?
WP: Whenever I have help with Sonny, I try to get a workout in. I love hot yoga, spinning, dance cardio, and pilates. I am a member of ClassPass so it allows me to try new things and sign up easily.

How do you like to refuel after a good workout?
WP: I like to refuel my body after a workout by making a smoothie with Lactaid milk. Its 100 percent real dairy and includes protein, calcium and vitamins, just without the lactose. Timmy is lactose intolerant so it’s the only milk we keep in the house, and it has become my go-to ingredient for post-workout smoothies!

What are some of weirdest wellness trends you’ve tried?
WP: Oh my god, one time in Big Sur we went to some hot springs and baths at like 2am and everyone was naked and the water was luke warm and Timmy and I were like, “what are we doing here?” We stayed for an hour and tried to relax and get into it, but it wasn't our speed!

What’s one wellness habit or trend that you think everyone should try to practice regularly?
WP: As simple as it is, just a good sweat a couple times a week. A good sweat really clears my head and puts me in a positive place. I LOVE hot yoga for that. I feel so strong and empowered after it.

Photography by: Photography courtesy Michael Simon/StarTraks