What Aspiring Nurse Injectors Can Learn From Allergan's Top 250 Account - The Lip Bunny

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Allergan Pharmaceuticals is a maker of some of the top aesthetic medical products on the market today. It annually awards the most skilled physicians in the United States with an Allergan Top 250 Account to honor their contributions to aesthetic medicine. Only the top-rated providers in aesthetic medicine receive this award, which is one of the highest levels of recognition in the Allergan Partner Privileges Program. With one location and four injectors, Brianna LaTorre and her team at The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa have earned themselves a Top 250 Account from Allergan Pharmaceuticals. Here, LaTorre shares some advice for aspiring nurse injectors.

What Does It Take to Become a Master Injector?

LaTorre's impressive profile proves that it isn't easy to become a Master Injector. She has worked tirelessly to earn numerous degrees, certifications, and awards. She’s worked proactively to gain additional experience throughout the years, to improve her mastery of her craft.

LaTorre is an RN BSN, certified OR nurse, and a certified Master Injector. She's currently enrolled at the University of Rhode Island, completing her Master's degree in Nursing to become a Nurse Practitioner. She's one of the most talented and sought-after injectors globally, having performed over 10,000 injectable services. The services she performs daily include lip fillers, cheek filler, and Sculptra injections, among others.

The Lip Bunny Beauty Med Spa has earned its way to becoming the number one medical spa on the East Coast, with more than 15,000 patients from all over the United States. She also has over 119,000 followers on her Instagram page who look to her for daily beauty advice and tips.

The Lip Bunny Philosophy of Success

LaTorre says she had accomplished professional success when a client walked into the office for the first time and said, "Everyone is talking about The Lip Bunny and how I couldn't go anywhere else to receive these services." LaTorre says social media provided a fantastic medium to reach new clientele and showcase work, but it's the word-of-mouth reputation that holds incredible weight.

LaTorre also says professional success can’t be determined by the amount of money a med spa takes in. "It's how you make your patients feel when they leave your establishment." The Lip Bunny team works hard to ensure that their clients leave feeling more confident and empowered than when they showed up. According to LaTorre, "That is a professional success."

Immerse Yourself in Your Craft

The first thing LaTorre would advise a new injector to do is "immerse yourself in your craft." People should learn as much as possible to be well prepared to deal with and fix any issues that may arise. She also says finding a great mentor is imperative. LaTorre considers a med spa mentor to be someone people can learn from who has experience with fillers and neurotoxin. This will be the person to rely on with questions and concerns as one’s career develops.

Love What You Do

LaTorre's second piece of advice is to "make sure you wholeheartedly love what you're doing." This profession can be very demanding and overwhelming, and it isn't for everyone. Clients trust their injectors with their physical appearance, so it's an injector’s job to make sure that they feel they're in a safe, warm, and welcoming environment with a passionate and knowledgeable professional.

Be Confident in Yourself

The last piece of advice LaTorre has is to be confident. She says, "Today more than ever, there will be people out there who want to see you fall short and fail. Do not let any outside factors affect your state of mind. You worked hard to be where you are, and you should feel proud of your work. Take pride in who you are and the service you provide. You are amazing, intelligent, and capable, so let the world see that. You will not fail."

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