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12 Wellness Tips We Learned From Cindy Crawford & Neka Pasquale

By Jessica Estrada | February 3, 2015 | People The Latest

We spent the day with supermodel Cindy Crawford and Urban Remedy founder Neka Pasquale, and learned a whole lot about healthy living.

1 - 12 Wellness Tips We Learned From Cindy Cra…

Urban Remedy founder Neka Pasquale (FAR LEFT) and Cindy Crawford (FAR RIGHT) at last week's retreat.

Last Thursday, we ditched the hustle and bustle of the city and headed to the Santa Monica Mountains for a mini getaway with Cindy Crawford and wellness expert Neka Pasquale, who founded Urban Remedy, a brand that offer raw meals, snacks, and juices under the premise that "food is healing."

The day included yoga, a healthy lunch (think juices, delicious salads, raw lasagna, and a decadent chocolate mousse), detox foot baths, and acupuncture. Here's what we learned from the health gurus in just one day....

1. Stick to a Schedule with Cindy Crawford's Health Kits
Not having easy access to delicious, healthy foods is why most people don’t stick to their goals. Crawford aims to solve that issue with her new Cindy Crawford’s Essentials, a three-day kit filled with organic juices, meals, snacks, and teas from Urban Remedy.

2. A Smoothie a Day Keeps the Toxins Away
“I start almost every day with the Urban Remedy Mint Cacao Chip Smoothie,” Crawford says. “It’s loaded with spinach, mint, cacao, almond milk, banana, and cashews, and is quick and easy, whether I’m going to work out, headed to a shoot, or have a day of meetings.”

3. Don't Forget the Salad
After her morning smoothie, Crawford has a salad, like Urban Remedy's Zen Salad, for lunch. If she's eating at home, the supermodel will make dishes like turkey meatballs with a salad, or seek out grilled fish and vegetables if she's dining out.

4. Give Yourself a Break
“I love chocolate and have a little almost every day,” Crawford shares.

5. Opt for Healthier Meals When Eating Out
Nobu is one of our favorites,” Crawford, a wife and mother of two, says. “I love the jalapeño yellowtail sashimi and artichoke salad. We also eat at Cafe Habana a lot. My go-to meal is kale salad with salmon—so good!”

6. Create a Workout Routine That Works For You
“I work out three times a week with my trainer Sarah Hagaman,” she shares. “I usually warm up with 10, 15 minutes on the treadmill and then we do weights and lunges. We [also] do interval training and I like to add in stairs to help keep my heart rate up. We finish up with abs and stretching. I also try to go hiking with a girlfriend or bike riding with the family once a week.”

7. Detoxing Is As Important As You Think
“A cleanse is a gift to yourself,” Pasquale says. “It’s a conscious decision to examine every aspect of your life and take active steps to rest and revitalize—it's a chance to embrace healthy new habits and leave the bad ones behind.”

8. Block Out Time to Truly De-Stress
Pasquale’s new book, Urban Remedy: The 4-Day Home Cleanse Retreat, gives you all the tools you’ll need to treat yourself to a detox in the comfort of your own home. She advises readers to clear their calendars for four consecutive days if possible. “It is important to try to remove as much everyday stress as possible," she explains. "Let people know you’re doing a cleanse program, and treat yourself to a break from your routine."

9. Watch What You Eat Before Exercising
Before a workout, Pasquale recommends light foods like a cup of green tea and soft boiled pastured eggs instead of sugary shakes that can reduce your energy. After a workout, go for organic protein, vegetables, and low-glycemic fruits like apples, plums, apricots, and berries.

10. Incorporate Healthier Ingredients Often
Pasquale suggests swapping kitchen staples with healthier versions—instead of white flour, opt for whole-wheat, almond, or coconut-based options. When a recipe calls for oil, use olive oil when no heating is involved, and coconut oil when cooking. Chia seeds are another great add-on to any recipe and a good source of energy, fiber, and protein. Finally, if you need something sweet, Pasquale recommends Stevia, a zero-calorie, natural sweetener made from leaves.

11. Small Changes Can Be the Most Impactful
"Living a healthier life does not have to mean a complete overhaul," Crawford says,"It’s about making those small changes that add up over time—whether it’s to move more or switch out one less-healthy thing for something healthier, like dark chocolate for milk chocolate. [Each] year, I find little tweaks to live a healthier life."

12. Do What Makes You Happy
"Healthier to me means living a balanced life, not just having a healthier body," Pasquale says. "It means eating right and exercising, but also incorporating time in your life for relaxation and stress reduction practices like yoga, meditation, hiking, whatever does it for you, as well as spending quality time with those you love and actually enjoying your life. If you are lucky enough to do what you are passionate about in life, that is the cherry on top."


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