3 Ways to Monetize Your Social Media Influence as Per Kelsey Kaplan

By Karishhma Ashwin | April 22, 2021 | Sponsored Post

Nearly everybody uses social media in some way these days. Whether it’s for staying in contact with friends and family, or shopping and keeping up with the trends, 3.96B active users worldwide are using it. But social networks offer far more opportunities than a simple platform for posting selfies and memes.


Though many users are simply looking to 'kill time' on social media, many brands and businesses have capitalized on its potential. Most brands have recognized social media's potential as a marketing tool. In today's world, your company may as well be nonexistent without a presence on social media.

Still, the power of social media is not exclusively reserved for big brands. Individuals can tap into its potential and monetize their social media presence as well.

Born with a passion for fashion, Kelsey Kaplan, a fashion industry expert, and renowned digital marketer, is one of those individuals. With her Instagram page gaining over 82,000 followers and counting, it’s clear she has discovered an opportunity on the platform.

Having the ability to generate revenue from her social media presence, has helped Kaplan build quite an empire. Starting from a colorful Instagram profile to a highly successful fashion blog, Kelsey Kaplan Fashion.

As Kaplan explains, there are three key ways individuals can generate revenue through social media; brand collaborations and partnerships, commissions, and event appearances.

"Brands and retailers hire me to promote their goods and services on my social media channels and blog in the form of product placement or an advertisement," says Kaplan. "Essentially, I'm offering ad space that they can purchase."

Another avenue for revenue is affiliate marketing, says Kaplan. "I also use the affiliate marketing network rewardStyle to generate revenue through commissions. Through the affiliate marketing network, I am able to generate trackable links to use on my social media channels and blog. Whenever someone clicks one of those links, and buys a product, I make a commission on the sale."

Kaplan points out it takes hard work and dedication to be successful in the influencer marketing space. According to Kaplan, "I worked hard over the years to build a unique and recognizable brand. I'm always thinking about new ways to attract new followers and customers, and nurture relationships with the existing ones."

Kaplan explains that regular engagement with other accounts on Instagram with a similar target market can be a helpful growth tool.

"The idea behind likes, comments, and giveaways is that the people I'm engaging with will be curious about me, peruse my profile, and then hit the follow button. After all, more traffic equals higher revenue," says Kaplan.

Find more of Kaplan’s advice and work in action on her Instagram page and blog, Kelsey Kaplan Fashion.

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