TopTree Helps Brands Take Cannabis Marketing To New Heights

By: Evan Arroyo By: Evan Arroyo | May 11, 2021 | Sponsored Post

When people hear the word ‘cannabis’, they typically think of marijuana or some drug sold illegally. Although there is some truth to it, what many don’t know is that cannabis can be sold legally from licensed cannabis shops, also known as cannabis dispensaries.

In fact, the cannabis industry has seen an increase in sales during the past few years since many studies have proven the various medicinal benefits of cannabis, particularly pertaining to mental health. Now, more and more states in the United States are legalizing the use of cannabis, though under certain conditions. It is estimated that the U.S. recreational and medical marijuana market is expected to double and reach $45 billion in annual sales by 2025.


How TopTree is Helping Cannabis Brands Grow

Although cannabis marketing is becoming more and more accepted among people, there is still a strong stigma surrounding it. Because it’s illegal in most U.S. states and countries, it is very challenging to remove its bad rap altogether. However, this doesn’t stop brands that are into cannabis products to promote and educate their audience about the benefits of cannabis use. Marketing agencies like TopTree that are solely focused on cannabis promotion are continuing to grow and make this a thriving industry.

What is TopTree?

TopTree is a marketing agency creating custom social experiences to enable communities to be built around brands and people. They can do everything from raising brand awareness to increasing the loyalty of customers, fans, and followers. TopTree specializes in sports, music, cannabis, film, e-commerce, and CBD marketing, among others.

TopTree has become one of the leading agencies in cannabis marketing, thanks to its leverage of a proprietary marketing distribution network of digital assets reaching over 100 million users.

What can TopTree do for brands?

According to TopTree, the key to success is to find the ideal customer that will buy your product or be interested in what you offer. Once having identified the ideal customer, it’s time to target the specific audience in the market. This is exactly where TopTree excels.

Due to their extensive reach within the cannabis community on many social media platforms, they can ensure that promotions are highly effective. In addition, TopTree has partnered with many popular influencers who are fans of and encourage the use and legalization of cannabis. An example of one such big partnership is TopTree’s partnership with Merry Jane, a digital media platform that is cannabis-focused and launched by Snoop Dogg.

With its growing follower and fan base, along with the major collaborations with brands and celebrities that endorse cannabis use, TopTree has become the best marketing agency for marketing cannabis brands. They are the perfect partners for any cannabis brand looking to reach a large audience and stand out from the crowd.


The medical and recreational use of cannabis is making the industry grow by leaps and bounds. Many new cannabis brands are turning to TopTree for increased reach among their target audience. With more and more people like Snoop Dogg, Jake Berg, and Sean Speezy supporting cannabis promotion and use, one can truly expect that this industry will grow and become more acceptable in the future.

Photography by: Top Tree