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A Seamless Design For Elite Performance & Daily Wellness, Presented by LA Main

By Thomas Herd | May 2, 2018 | Lifestyle

When we contemplate how the human body operates to perform complex athletic movements or motor functions, it’s unfathomable to grasp it all.


We know that a basketball player, for instance, who practices dribbling, shooting, and jumping skills becomes accustomed to these movements and can gradually perform them with more ease and precision over time. But we don’t have an underlying awareness of how the body builds itself part by part and creates a firing sequence between these parts to accomplish the task at hand.

Having this limited surface knowledge is fine up until you get injured. When one part of your body is put out of commission, not only does the task become impossible to perform in the present but its future capability is also jeopardized. Further, in the wake of injury and losing your old movement patterns, the body often compensates by creating new injury-induced patterns that throw off your internal system wiring, put undue strain on other muscle groups, and render it very difficult to restore your initial programming.

While these issues may seem rare or abstract to many of us, for anyone who plays sports at a high level or has been through a serious injury, you know first hand just how vital it is to restore not just the injured area but the full movement chain and body balance we had previously.

Luckily for us, some of the principal holistic body alignment and performance practices that have benefited the world’s top athletes for years are now starting to become public knowledge and gain mainstream footing.


One such shining example can be made of Beverly Hills-based osteopath and physical therapist Fabrice Gautier. Revered as the best kept secret of the professional basketball world for his instrumental work with NBA players such as Carmelo Anthony, Joakim Noah, Nicolas Batum, Eric Gordon, and Rudy Gobert as well as the French National Basketball Team, Fabrice has developed a surefire methodology for restoring full vitality to injured areas and realigning the body, mind, and nervous system to fire in peak condition.

Fabrice’s approach is most analogous to that of the Formula 1 engineer, who designs and understands the function of his racecar and the synergy between its parts.

With respect to the human body, Fabrice understands the assembly line process of how parts fit into and fire the whole system. He uses a deft, soft touch (honed from decades of examining muscle tissue and fascia across a wide spectrum of patients) to identify which parts have been compromised through an injury, and then implements a sequence of therapy, strengthening, and full-range movement exercises to realign the correct assembly and to restore the vital circuitry that his patients depend on for both daily life as well as athletics.

Fabrice enjoys conducting this integrated process and employs his own skill sets as well those of a hand-selected team of experts to treat, realign, and recondition the impacted area. Depending on the needs of the athlete or patient, the prescribed therapy program would consist of a carefully measured regimen of deep tissue work, ortho molecular biology, Olympic weightlifting, psychological evaluation and training, Pilates, and general conditioning. By deploying such an all-encompassing approach, Fabrice’s team makes sure there are no gaps or weak points in the patient’s holistic wellness and performance system that could hinder their careers or quality of life.


“The fact is that Fabrice reads and fixes the inner workings of the body’s structural mechanisms like an alchemist converting metal into gold. Upon embarking on a thousand mile walk across some of the world's harshest environments, I came to Fabrice for the unmistakable art in his expertise. Before leaving he fine tunes my joints. After coming back, he fixes them! From the North Pole to the South Pole, Fabrice is on the team.” said extreme sports athlete Sebastian Copeland.

As Sebastian points out, the process of fixing and fine-tuning the body’s structural mechanisms is a constant one for most athletes. The advantage that Fabrice’s holistic philosophy provides is a system that athletes and non-athletes alike can rely on to develop and sustain heightened movement patterns that harmonize with the body’s natural state of equilibrium.

As illustrated by the examples above, Fabrice’s holistic design system also removes the most common hazards associated with physical therapy, such as injury re-aggravation and decreased performance. With Fabrice, patients who have suffered through chronic injury for years, such as Los Angeles Sparks WNBA star Chelsea Gray and teammate Sandrine Gruda, are now injury free and performing at peak condition.


In the big picture, Fabrice’s system is pushing the boundaries of physical therapy to new places by uniting peak performance with wellness longevity. This fusion between performance and daily wellness has established a new standard that we can all draw from in recovering from injury, achieving a better quality of life, and maximizing our athletic potential.

For more information on Fabrice’s practice, please visit LA Main. And for a lighter, more colorful look at his personality, daily work, and travel adventures check out Fabrice on Instagram.

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