Top Four Reasons Premium Celebrity Domain Names Have Skyrocketed In Value

By VPN.COM By VPN.COM | March 23, 2021 | Culture, Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

In the realm of domain name purchase and selling, few command more attention, or money, than celebrity domain names.


Following the COVID-19 pandemic, domain names associated with celebrities have seen increased demand due to a variety of factors. We examine how a once-a-century pandemic has led to a sales influx of premium celebrity domain sales.

The Culture is Celebrity Obsessed

For better or worse, the US culture is celebrity-obsessed. It is so much a part of the culture, that even politicians are elevated to the status of celebrity. The appeal is exponentially greater for actors, athletes, musicians, etc.

That cultural obsession extends to domain names of celebrities. Even the domain names of celebrities retired or past their prime can command a premium.


Brand Control

Similar to most business entities, celebrities want to control everything about their brand. This is particularly true in the "cancel culture" age.

It’s a simple fact of the times we live in that one social media post can kill a celebrity's career. Recouping from a false or erroneous accusation from a media outlet can cost thousands and, in some cases, is not possible.

That makes control of the domains associated with their name critically important, because they are one more avenue of potential threat to their brand. Consequently, the urgent demand from celebrities to own these domains increases their price.


Platform Risk

Facebook, Twitter, Parler, Amazon, and Twitch all can cancel your account any time they please. If you do not control your platform you will forever be at their mercy.

It’s also common knowledge that a .com domain extension will perform better than .net, which will perform better than lesser-known domain extensions like .info. If the extension is not commonly recognizable, it can mean obscurity for the website.

If a celebrity cannot get control of a premier extension, their ability to market themselves and control the flow of information about them online is greatly hampered. In 2015 singer-songwriter Taylor Swift famously swooped up a series of domains with her name in them in order to maintain and control her online brand. Today the practice has become commonplace.


Free Speech

No one wants to have someone else communicating for them. This is even more acute in the world of celebrities. A celebrity wants to be able to say what they want, how they want. Or more importantly, not say anything if the situation calls for that.

All of these factors equate to celebrity domain names translating into cash for their owners. Celebrities will pay to gain control over their names and the hotter the celebrity, the greater the possible payoff. If you need help securing your premium domain name checkout vpn.com/domains or any of these top five premium domain brokers.

If you need help securing your premium domain name check out vpn.com/domains or any of these other top five premium domain brokers.


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