Time is money, Stresses John Kevin Lawson

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 8, 2021 | Culture, Sponsored Post,

Entrepreneurs need to understand that time is one most important factors to be considered to be successful. When you provide a service or consultation, you also give the time you have spent studying or perfecting the art. John Kevin Lawson is one such individual who likes to utilize his time efficiently to maximize profits and grow his company.


He was born and raised in Maryland, USA but moved to Canada for his university studies. While studying in college, he developed an interest in showbiz and events. He wanted to increase his knowledge in event marketing and coordination, so he enrolled in a school specializing in them. In 2018, he founded a company called Digital Event. He wanted to promote the influx of international artists in the country. He has successfully organized several events such as Afrobeach, Afrocity, and evenings in the Montreal nightlife. He started by being a promoter in the most prestigious clubs of Montreal. He slowly and gradually worked himself into the bigger world of events. He is also the winner of many prizes and awards for organizing major events like the best influencer of the year at Dimante Awards. He was responsible for bringing many artists and influencers such as Dadju, Naza, Burna Boy, and Wizkid to Canada.

In 2021 he also founded a company called "Johnk Agence" whose objective was to help and support other entrepreneurs to be successful. He is also the ambassador of brands and an artistic director who wants to bring more young artists into the spotlight.

Every entrepreneur should learn from John Lawson how to utilize their time most effectively. He not only brings talent to the country but also encourages the homegrown talent to shine. It is a sign of an entrepreneur who wants to contribute to society.

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