Take Your Time And Work With People You Like: Scott Savlov On Success

By Maria Williams By Maria Williams | November 10, 2022 | People, Sponsored Post,


Savlov Consulting Inc.'s Scott Savlov elaborates on how working with people you trust can help you prosper.

Humans are social beings. In all aspects of their lives, they require a sense of belonging and closeness. Human connection is a fundamental human necessity. Connecting with others allows one to have a larger sense of self and even purpose because when we feel connected to others, our horizon expands to accommodate them and the differences between us and them. These connections are extremely valuable. They raise awareness of the world and how it works because when we are connected, we are not limited to our own experience of it. According to TV industry veteran, Scott Savlov, developing relationships with people over the course of a lifetime is beneficial in the long run.

The Man Behind The Camera

For over 25 years, Scott Savlov has worked in broadcasting and the media. One area of his expertise is developing sponsorships, events, content, and business strategies for a wide array of companies like Walgreens, T-Mobile, Paramount Studios, the PGA of America, Omega of Switzerland, and many others. Furthermore, he has leveraged media from radio to television, as well as broadcast journalism. He has created and produced made-for television golf shows on multiple broadcast networks. The man of many feats has even organized an Alcatraz concert to launch a brand.

The TV producer is the founder of Savlov Consulting Inc., which is a full-service television and sports entertainment production company. He is currently producing the Omega Masters Celebrity Pro-Am in Crans Montana, Switzerland, which is one of the most prestigious golf tournaments held on foreign soil. He has worked on the last three Ryder Cup competitions and is intricately involved in the branding, planning and implementing of Walgreens Corporate national charity event.

Regarding his core skillset, Scott explains that while sports television production may appear to be a simple task, the reality is far from that. It necessitates knowledge of the sport, a keen sense of current pop culture, an appeal to sponsor celebrity talent, and, most importantly, a large network of contacts. He considers his style to be wearing his heart on his sleeve and being passionate about everything he does. Many companies seek him out or contact him as they know he will give his all. He goes on to say that they want to use his friendships and network in sports and entertainment to help their brands thrive.

Importance Of Connections

These days, Scott is very active as the host of the podcast “The Path Here”. Scott received feedback from friends and family that his conversations were amusing, informative, and insightful, which prompted him to take a leap and create a podcast based on these conversations in 2021, and that was how The Path Here was born.

“It’s more important to take your time and work with people you like, trust, and can collaborate with in order to succeed,” says Scott who has partnered with many celebrities. In his explanation, he says that teaming up makes it easier to find friends who share your vision. He loves hearing about what other people wish to accomplish. That stimulated the artistic side of his brain into action. He envisions working on more projects with his friends. Humans are definitely wired for lifelong connectivity!

Photography by: Scott Savlov