Stündenglass Stuns Cannabis Lovers With Contactless Bong

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | April 20, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

It is already a well-ingrained part of the cannabis culture that participants smoke and pass the bong or hookah to the next person. Although parties, especially crowded ones, are currently restricted due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there is still a risk of contracting the virus even in small circles. However, that will not stop cannabis lovers from finding their own way to minimize the risks while still enjoying this activity. That is where the Stündenglass gravity bong comes into play.
Unlike the traditional model for gravity bongs, what makes Stündenglass ideal for the present situation is that it requires no contact from those smoking. Therefore, users don’t have to worry about contracting the virus through the passing of spit. Instead of sucking, they will only have to wait for the smoke to be released because of the kinetic motion, water, and opposing airflow forces of this device.


Why Use Stündenglass During the Pandemic?
With the Stündenglass’ futuristic and straightforward design, it would be a shame to not to show it off at parties. However, since gatherings are currently not recommended due to the potential health risks, smoker circles are forced to limit their interactions. With the contactless smoke delivery system, the problem with saliva exchange is solved.

The smoke is expelled without sucking
Usually to consume the cannabis smoke you have to create an airtight seal with your mouth and suck the essence out of the pipe. This has been the practice for years, but times have changed, and continuing to do so may lead to negative health consequences. However, since the Stündenglass gravity bong forces the smoke out of the water pipe’s glass chambers using water pressure, sucking is not the only option to consume cannabis anymore.
Once the bottom container is filled with water and flipped 180 degrees while the source is ignited, the negative air pressure will push the smoke to the top chamber. After turning the hourglass again in the same manner, the smoke will be forcibly released through the mouthpiece.

No more shared mouthpieces
For those who don’t consider contactless smoking as their thing, the Stündenglass gravity bong can also be used as a traditional hookah. Still, users don’t have to worry about sharing the mouthpiece with other participants since it can be easily detached and changed, although this means that they must bring their own tube. This can be impractical at times, which is why cannabis lovers prefer to utilize the contactless system instead.

It is easy to clean
Even if participants can minimize the risks of contracting and transmitting the virus through the bong’s contactless feature, cleaning the instrument is still a must. Regardless of the pandemic, sanitation is still essential to eliminate putrid bong water. the glass chambers can easily be detached for simple cleaning.

With the Stündenglass gravity bong, sharing a mouthpiece, which is a major health concern right now is no longer be necessary. Participants can go through the experience without having contact with the bong itself or by using separate mouthpieces. Best of all, the unique design ensures you get the best high of your life.

Photography by: Studen Glass(studenglass.com)