Shane Currey Considers Learning a Lifelong Mentality

By: Karishhma Ashwin By: Karishhma Ashwin | May 14, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Some believe that we’ve learned everything we need to know by adulthood. But financial expert Shane Currey believes that this is a misconception that is robbing people of a mindset that could bring them greater success. He explains that learning is a lifelong mentality.


Currey shares that holding onto the idea that you have reached the point in life where you have nothing left to learn is a mistake. Throughout his financial career in angel investing and venture capitalism, Currey explains that he has maintained a learning mentality, and it helps him constantly develop new skills. He does this by cultivating a learning mindset, which allows you to be open to new ideas and concepts, ensuring that you never hold yourself back from progress.

Currey considers learning to be a lifelong approach rather than a temporary experience with a definitive end. Expanding on this, Currey says, “It’s very easy to sabotage yourself and your success by believing that you possess all the skills that you will ever need, when in fact there is always more to learn.”

Currey has been applying his carefully honed mindset to the world of investment for over fourteen years. He shares that his need to always keep learning has helped him keep his interest and investments diverse. It is evident in the roles he currently holds, as he is the president of a financial services company and the head of three real-estate development corporations, and a property management company.

Shane Currey truly believes that you can easily overlook the importance of being humble and treating every experience as a learning opportunity when you aim to succeed at any cost.

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