Ross Franklin: The Man who Brought Low-Cost Franchises to the Wellness Industry

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | May 5, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Some people would not believe the statement that fitness is 20% working out and 80% nutrition. Yet, if you think about it, this makes perfect sense, considering how you fuel your body will determine its performance. Ross Franklin figured this out after developing high-end gyms, yoga studios, and boutique fitness chains. In this exclusive interview, we discuss his journey, insights, and prospects.


Ross wanted to help people change their habits and lifestyles for the better with Pure Green, the fastest-growing franchise in the industry. With a presence in more than 30 states, Pure Green offers its signature cold-pressed juice, superfood smoothies, acai bowls, and pitaya bowls to a welcoming clientele. One bottle of juice contains up to five pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables. The beverage is packed with vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes.

Not only is this an excellent product for customers, but also a great business opportunity. Ross set Pure Green up with the unique model of low start-up costs for franchisees. Thanks to national distribution at the wholesale level, franchisees can get their stock at reduced pricing rather than dealing with manufacturers. Not only are initial costs lower, but this pricing offsets overhead expenses like rent and labor.

As for customer benefits, Pure Green products have unrivaled taste, quality, and nutrition. Made from the highest-quality superfoods the world has to offer, these top-tier ingredients significantly impact the final product. Ross has an in-depth perspective from both the business owner and consumer after working in the wellness space for over two decades. When he decided he wanted to make an even bigger impact on people's health, and Pure Green was the result.

Ross has a twofold mission: to give people the opportunity to be healthier and empower budding entrepreneurs. The Pure Green model accomplishes both of these goals seamlessly. The company offers benefits to it’s community simply by being a good neighbor that wants to make a positive impact across America. A vision almost anyone would be willing to savor.

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