Paris Hilton Dishes on Her Latest Scent, New Music & What She's Currently Obsessed With

By Gary Duff | December 20, 2018 | People National

Businesswoman, mogul, actress, DJ—is there anything Paris Hilton hasn't done? No matter where she goes, this material girl has always had the Midas touch.

In her latest chat with Los Angeles Confidential, Hilton shares details on her latest scent, the secret project she's been waiting to unveil, and what she's currently obsessed with.


You’ve had so much success with your fragrances, is there one that is your favorite? Do each represent different things for you?
Yeah, definitely. I have 24 of them. I’ve been in the scent industry for 15 years. Every time I'm creating a new fragrance it has to do with what’s going on in my life, and just what I’m inspired by, and what I love. I always make every single perfume completely different and unique with a new scent and gorgeous bottle and campaign, so I’m involved 100 percent of the way with everything that happens with my fragrances. It’s been such a huge success and that just makes me feel so proud to have more fragrances out than any other person.

I'm always curious about the schedules of highly productive people; how do you start your day and how do you prepare the night before it?
PH: Basically, my schedule is all over the place. I’m always in a different country every couple days so my schedule and routine is always different, usually. I’m mostly traveling and, during the day, I’m doing interviews and meetings, things with my fans, and designing, or I’m in the studio recording my album. It’s all work; it’s always just meetings, just going over with my whole team what’s happening, just every aspect of it. Then at night, I’m usually DJing somewhere. If I’m not, I try to relax because I always have to get up the next day around six in the morning and start it all over again, especially when I’m doing press tours. I just got back; I did a tour for Platinum Rush, my 24th fragrance, and went from Mexico City to St. Barts to Dubai to Bahrain to Australia, and was in each place a day or two so it was just, yeah, it was definitely like a whirlwind, but it was amazing. I love what I do. I feel so blessed and lucky that I get to do what I love.

Is there anything you haven't done?
Well, I have 24 fragrances and I actually just created three more that are going to be coming out—I always get everything ready in advance so I will have 28 by 2019—19 product lines so I make everything from clothing, jewelry, sunglasses, handbags, lingerie, children’s clothes, dog clothes, homewear, makeup. Literally, basically every product you can think of, I make. I’m doing that and I’m not only doing that, I’m also doing real estate where I have my own Paris Properties. We’re going to be doing more of that with my partner, who’s one of the most incredible developers in the world for real estate. We’ve been working together for many years now and created amazing properties, and now we’re going to be branching out and doing more around the world. Also, I’m a huge tech geek and I love anything to do with technology. My partner is in Berlin and we’ve created a Paris Hilton virtual world, which will basically be the future of social media, where people can meet from all around the world via avatars and be in these worlds that I’ve created with them. That’s something I’m really excited about because I always feel like I’m a very futuristic person. I’m always innovative and a pioneer, and I love to be the first to do things and be a trendsetter, so this is something I’ve been working on for the past couple years and I’m excited for it to finally be out. I can’t wait to get in that world with everyone.

Is it always that stressful?
PH: Yes, [laughs] definitely. There are so many responsibilities, I have so much going on. This empire is massive and that means it’s a lot of work, so I’m thankful to have an incredible team of people because one person on their own could not do all this themselves. I am the boss, I am the CEO, and I’m on top of everyone for everything, and I’m the face of my brand, I am my brand, so there’s only so much they can do, but I delegate to all of my different employees of what needs to be done for each brand.

Did I just hear you mention new music?
PH: I actually just did a colab—I’m not allowed to say with who yet—but an incredible producer and DJ, just one of my favorites. I’m always with them in Ibiza for their residencies and just all over the world, and I’m doing a colab with him and someone else close to him, who’s an amazing woman and really talented. It’s a dance song and it’s so catchy and makes me want to just dance. The rest of the album, I’ve been writing, I’ve been producing my own music, just making my own sound, doing my own remixes. It’s easy because I have a recording studio right here at my house so I can just go in there whenever I like and record music with my friends so that’s been a lot of fun.

Is there a dream collaborator out there?
PH: I’m thinking; there’s so many amazing people. I have so much fun with Lil Wayne and I love Snoop so I think that would be a lot of fun to do a song. We’ve been in the studio together but we haven’t released anything yet. I love him. We’ve been friends for so many years and he’s just such a legend and just so dope. I love him so much.


I would love to see you back on TV, but I don’t know if that’s something you’d be interested in anymore.
PH: I am constantly getting calls every day from my agent and producers pitching me all these different shows. The Simple Life was just so iconic and timeless, and still today it’s amazing to see all the fans, and how even little kids and all the teenagers were watching it, and how it continues to bring so much laughter and happiness to people’s lives. I don’t know, I feel like I’m so busy that I wouldn’t really have time unless we just filmed my real life, which is actually very busy, and fun, and exciting. I travel the world and just do all these incredible things. I feel like the luckiest girl in the world. I wake up every day so excited and ready to take on the day and do it all over again. Everyone who knows me is like, “I don’t understand how you do it; you’re Superwoman.”

What’s something you’re really obsessed with right now?
I am obsessed with, obviously my dog, Diamond Baby. I’m obsessed with my new Paris Hilton ProDNA skincare line because it’s been out now for a few months and I’m just getting all these pictures, and videos, and letters from all the customers and all my fans who are using the full line and how it’s completely changed their skin, and it’s changed their life, and they’ve never felt so happy. Their skin is all cleared up, they no longer have bags under their eyes, they feel 10 years younger. It just makes me feel so happy to create a skincare line that’s natural, and has no animal testing whatsoever, and has real results. I’m obsessed with skincare, it being natural, and I think it’s a good thing for people out there, young women and men to start taking care of their skin at a young age, staying out of the sun, and not having the results of doing all these other things to try and look like a filtered Snapchat picture, you know?

When you have downtime, where do you like to hang out?
PH: I like this place, Ysabel, which I just went to for Puffy’s birthday, which was such a cool place. The vibe was amazing. I had dinner there a week later because I just thought it was just so cool. What else is good? Mr. Chow’s, I like. I like Catch. Food and drinks are amazing in LA.

You can catch Paris Hilton in Netflix's new documentary, The American Meme, now.

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