Rolling by Yourself Is a Now Thing of the Past with Organic Pre-Rolls from King Palm

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 5, 2021 | Culture, Sponsored Post,

Smoking joints is no longer a taboo. As the decidedly positive benefits of smoking cannabis have come to light, more and more people have chosen to do so. However, one inconvenience that keeps occurring is that rolling a blunt can be a very tedious and frustrating process. That’s where King Palm enters the picture. The company bets on organic materials and convenience, selling all-natural leaf wraps pre-rolled for the customer, therefore eliminating all frustration. The company gives freedom to smokers while always striving to maintain the most authentic feel of the smoke through its products. In 2020, King Palm also launched new flavors for their rolls, which have been a massive success so far.


The idea for the company came in 2012. “There was this need for a non-tobacco wrap that we identified back then. Prolonged tobacco use causes harmful effects on the lungs, and there were efforts to find an alternative that would deliver a great experience with far fewer unfortunate side effects. We sourced several types of leaves and reviewed them thoroughly. In the end, only one made the cut,” a member of the King Palm team shares. That revolutionary leaf was the Cordia leaf.

The company then developed a small factory in Southeast Asia to work with local farmers while the company sampled all the products that were being produced from its California headquarters. “We identified a few areas where the leaf was falling short. For example, the corn husk filter was not as clean as we wanted it to be. The roll itself also wasn’t perfectly round, and the rolls arrived dry, so there was the need for an additional paper insert, and we had to add humidity control packets inside all of the shipping boxes and storage containers,” a team member comments. Clearly, the process of developing the perfect product was long and difficult, but the King Palm team set out to achieve something great and were ultimately successful.

The company officially launched the product in 2016, and it wasn’t long before it was accepted in the industry. Their product was organic, convenient, and smooth. Just the next year, the demand for King Palm’s products increased by 300%, and this is when the company truly disrupted the industry with their standards of quality.

King Palm is beloved by its customers because they offer an organic, hand-rolled leaf that is very easy to pack and a bamboo packing stick that further ensures the tightness of the pack. Additionally, there are no added preservatives in the products. Customers also enjoy the pre-installed corn husk filter and the flavor ball that is embedded in it, which releases extra flavor when squeezed.

King Palm effectively revolutionized the smoking industry, which is why it has hundreds of thousands of loyal fans, and that fan base keeps on growing. For more updates and news, follow King Palm on Instagram.

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