Nicole Scherzinger on Her Fashion Philosophy & Wardrobe for The Masked Singer

By Bronwyn Barnes and Nuy Cho | August 27, 2019 | People

The Masked Singer judge, who hails from Hawaii, has a whole lot more planned for the latest season of the show.


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What’s your earliest fashion memory?
NICOLE SCHERZINGER: My mother had an amazing sense of style. It was the ’80s, so I remember a lot of shoulder pads and tunics, likely a nod to our Hawaiian heritage. When I was old enough, I would dig through her closet and play dress-up. Some of those early memories have definitely carried over because just the other night, I wore a dress where the shoulder pads ruled.

What’s the best way to describe your approach to fashion?
I believe that fashion always reflects how you’re feeling in a moment and what makes you feel the most confident. During the day, I am mostly casual and will rock some cool athleticwear. I also tend to gravitate toward streetwear because who doesn’t love comfort?! I’m definitely a girly girl, and I love dresses—so for red-carpet events, I veer toward old-school Hollywood glamour.

How do you incorporate that philosophy into your work wardrobe?
I’m really looking forward to the forthcoming season of The Masked Singer because I have some new ideas that I really want to try out! It’s such a fun show and so unlike anything else I’ve done, which encourages me to take some chances with my fashion choices.

What are your style secret weapons?
NS: I have an extensive shoe collection. I’m not as tall as I wish I were, so I look for height. A great pair of heels makes me feel sexier and more confident. A great structured jacket is my go-to for every outfit—even over my workout clothes. Ultimately, it’s all about the fit. When it fits perfectly, you just feel like a boss.

I never leave my house without…
NS: My clothes on—my mom taught me that one when I was a kid!— a bottle of Waiakea water and a great pair of sunglasses.

What is your approach to accessorizing an outfit?
I am a less-is-more kind of girl. My favorite accessories are hats; I love all different styles. Currently, I am obsessed with Gladys Tamez—her designs are insane! I could literally buy one of each style and find a reason to wear one every day.

What are your beauty must-haves?
Coconut oil and essential oils. Coconut oil has so many uses, and essential oils really help soothe me. My favorite Hawaiian fashion and beauty products are He>i and Kopari.

Who is your ultimate style icon?
Coco Chanel is the ultimate classic fashion icon! Growing up I also remember really admiring Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Lopez for the way their fashion was always complimentary to their music.

Photography by: Photography by Hudson Taylor | shot on location at The Beverly Hilton | Styled by Kyle Kagamida | hair by Sami Knight using Redken at Starworks Artists | makeup by Gregory Arlt at Forward Artists for MAC