Meet Top Producer, SpaceNTime, the Los Angeles Hip-Hop Sensation

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | April 27, 2022 | People, Sponsored Post,


\Hip-hop is one of the oldest music genres. Though the sound has been around for years, it has continuously grown in popularity worldwide. More and more hip-hop artists, DJs, and producers are taking over the international space, amongst them SpaceNTime.

SpaceNTime is a composer and music producer from California. He began his profession when he was only 18 years old and has grown to become a notable personality in the space. From the beginning, SpaceNTime has worked tirelessly to become who he is now. His work speaks for itself and has captured the attention of other producers and DJs, such as DJ Paul, Juicy J, DJ Quik, Scott Storch, and Dr. Dre, who have all substantially influenced Spacey’s work.

SpaceNTime has a number of songs that have received over a million views on various platforms. His most significant hits include charted tracks on Itunes' top 40 hip-hop albums in the country, with two different projects reaching number 14 on two separate occasions.

SpaceNTime has also collaborated with other outstanding artists, like Ralfy The Plug of Stincc Team, one of LA's hottest up-and-coming musicians. Ralfy The Plug is a one-of-a-kind musical prodigy who is destined for great success in the industry.

SpaceNTime just announced a career-changing opportunity with Opposition Music Company, which will produce and publish all of his songs. SpaceNTime will use this opportunity to work on key projects over the next two years, including Horizon, a project that the producer is looking forward to.

Even though some people have doubted his talent, SpaceNTime's achievements have resulted from many hours of hard work. According to him, he used the hate and negativity directed at him as fuel to propel him forward on his journey to success. He had to keep pushing until his dreams became a reality.

"The haters were always the fuel to my fire. People telling me ‘no… go do this instead’ like they own my life was the only motivation I needed. Regardless of producing hip-hop music in general, which is my passion, most people will put their fear onto you. Doubts are real in your head, and you better believe in your own potential," explains SpaceNTime.

As a result, SpaceNTime wants everyone to understand there are numerous roadblocks on your way to success in the music scene that you have to overcome. To become a successful producer, DJ, or artist, you must overcome these various obstacles, break down barriers throughout the learning process, and gain knowledge of the music industry.

"Work hard and don't get caught up in your emotions and focus on the money, and don't wait for the perfect time to say now you are ready because you will never be ready until you start putting yourself to the test. For example, you can't think you are ready for the NBA when you haven't shot a basketball in over a year," SpaceNTime advises.

The hip-hop producer from Los Angeles is looking forward to achieving even greater success. He wants to keep creating fantastic songs and grow his international fan base. SpaceNTime is also looking forward to collaborating with other well-known hip-hop artists and up-and-coming artists.

Photography by: Courtesy of Spacey