Making Waves for Our Ocean and Coasts: Announcing The Beach by Whispering Angel, A New Rosé Evolved from The Palm by Whispering Angel

By Chateau D'Esclans By Chateau D'Esclans | July 20, 2022 | Food & Drink, Sponsored Post,

The New Brand Identity Includes a Commitment to Sustainability and a Long-Term Partnership with the Surfrider Foundation


Château d'Esclans introduces The Beach by Whispering Angel, a rosé from the Provence region with a forward-thinking approach toward environmental responsibility, including lighter glass bottles, ocean-friendly promotional materials, and a partnership with the Surfrider Foundation. Made from a blend of Grenache, Cinsault, and Syrah, The Beach by Whispering Angel leads in the evolution of the category, now with a broader ethos but the same quality rosé as customers have come to expect from the wine’s previous moniker.

The Beach’s lighter glass bottle, features a new playful and sophisticated crest, takes less energy to produce and helps to decrease the carbon footprint of heavy shipping loads. Beyond the bottle, all branded The Beach marketing materials are made from 100% recycled materials, including The Beach towels and umbrellas made from repurposed water. The Beach’s commitment to environmental responsibility is demonstrated through its partnership with the Surfrider Foundation, which includes a donation to support Surfrider’s mission, coast-to-coast co-hosted beach cleanups throughout the summer and a dinner series hosted at Surfrider’s Ocean Friendly Restaurants.

The Beach by Whispering Angel builds off of the popularity of The Palm by Whispering Angel, the third best-selling Provence rosé in the U.S., offering the same approachable introduction to Château d'Esclans’ award-winning portfolio, but with a forward-thinking approach that speaks to the current state of the environment and the interests of consumers.


“The creation of The Beach is rooted in our desire and our necessity to protect the world we live in, while still preserving our authentic Coteaux d’aix-en-Provence wine,” says Sacha Lichine, President of Château d'Esclans and creator of Whispering Angel. He adds, “We are excited to explore different avenues through our sustainability commitments and to pave the way for rosés in this space.”

In pursuit of creating the world’s greatest rosés, Lichine is credited with igniting the “Rosé Renaissance,” and continuously pushing the boundaries of the category. In this next chapter, The Beach by Whispering Angel will inspire its dedicated community of enthusiasts to protect what they love through individual actions, such as volunteering at beach clean-ups and choosing to patronize restaurants who prioritize sustainability. With more than 190 local chapters and student clubs, in addition to over 750 Ocean Friendly Restaurants, Surfrider’s grassroots initiatives and passion for ocean and coastal protection make them a natural long-term partner for The Beach.

“We are honored to launch this partnership and cleanup initiative with The Beach to engage volunteers across the country to care for the public spaces we all love. As a brand with values so closely tied to the Surfrider’s work, we are excited to have The Beach join our efforts to reduce trash and plastic in our ocean and waterways through a series of co-hosted beach cleanups, which ultimately supports Surfrider's advocacy efforts to reduce pollution at the source," said the Surfrider Foundation’s CEO, Dr. Chad Nelsen.


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