Luca Schnetzler Puts Money Into Vibe, A Hot New Men's Hair Care Brand

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | April 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

As more startups with new innovative business ideas start showing promising growth each year, it is important to recognize the standout ones among them that can have massive success in the future. Angel investors are looking to invest in these businesses to help in the vision of the company in return for huge returns on their investment.


Netz Capital is an emerging angel investment firm focused on helping innovative startups become multimillion-dollar companies. Netz Capital was launched by Luca Schnetzler, a German professional footballer who plays for Hertha BSC as a left-back.

Since its inception, Netz Capital has focused on investing in tech startups and direct-to-consumer brands. This is because of the recognized exponential growth potential in these two areas in the near future. With the consistent advancements in technology in the past few years, tech startups show promising signs of future success. The use of the latest technology in the healthcare industry has had a positive impact on the demand for personal care products.

Vibe is a brand for men's personal care products that deal directly with consumers. Netz Capital has made a huge investment in this company realizing its potential to be a big player in the market. The brand initially started with a range of hair care products for men that included moisturizing shampoo, hair clay, pomade, etc. However, with its rising popularity among consumers, it has expanded into body care products. The activated charcoal body wash signals the brand’s entry into the body care segment for men. Vibe ensures that all of its products are completely healthy and safe to use.

Vibe has paid attention to the preferences of men and makes sure its products don’t just deliver amazing results but also smell good. All of its products are created to give men what they truly deserve, a simple and safe way to keep their hair and body healthy while looking and smelling good. The personal care products nourish the hair and body without any side effects. Vibe is planning to expand its range of hair care and body care products for men. The brand has affiliate programs to grow its business. Vibe has an active customer support system to maintain a good relationship with its customers. The great customer service allows Vibe to build relationships with new customers and maintain relationships with existing customers.

Netz Capital has also invested in other promising tech startups like Social SnowBall, Chirpish, and Steam Commerce. Social SnowBall is an affiliate marketing app that helps small businesses expand their reach. Chirpish is a customer support and service company for online brands and Steam Commerce is an end-to-end e-commerce solution provider.

Netz Capital takes every investment decision after extensive market research and after analyzing the roadmap and business plan of startups. The angel investment firm has made a few investments that it believes have the potential for a substantial gain in the future. Sticking to its meticulous planning and making informed decisions, Netz Capital is aiming to soon emerge as one of the reputed angel investment firms in the future.

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