Look Away: The New Must See Thriller For the Halloween Season, Presented By T1

By Thomas Herd | October 17, 2018 | Culture

The standout horror flick of the season has to be the new indie release Look Away from director Assaf Bernstein.

Presented by T1

Starring neophyte actress India Esiley and the ever charming Jason Isaccs (Star Trek, Harry Potter), Look Away tells the story of a timid, alienated teenage girl Maria and her vengeful doppleganger Ariam.

As the two split identities battle to help Maria overcome all of the painful circumstances facing her (bullies at school, a double-dealing “best friend”, a cheating father), and attain happiness, Look Away is able to shine a powerful light on the inner stuggle many of us face on a day to day basis.

Thus, although the genre is ostensibly fantastical, the movie entices through the power of its realism. This thematic approach further heightens the emotional intensity of the film, as viewers are able to put themselves so easily in the shoes of both Maria and Ariam and recognize how both worlds often exist simultaneously.

Thus for cinema goers who want both high entertainment quality and to be moved by something real, look no further than Look Away. As of Friday, the film has been released in select markets nationwide and on iTunes which you may download here.

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