Get a Jump Start on Spring With Help From These 4 Lifestyle Gurus, Presented by Hanasab Insurance

By Gary Duff for Hanasab Insurance By Gary Duff for Hanasab Insurance | May 15, 2019 | Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

Take your spring cleaning routine to new heights with an all-encompassing revamp this season. With a hand from these four lifestyle gurus—each an expert in their respective fields—you’ll be ready, recharged and energized for summer, as well as covered for all life throws your way.

On Creating the Space You Need


“Be a giver. As I declutter my own home or when I help others to declutter their homes this season, I always look for opportunities to help someone who is in need. The warm feeling when the process is finished is twofold: I have a tidy, beautiful space and I have helped someone else.” —Nikki Boyd, Master Organizer & Author of 'Beautifully Organized'

On Tidying Up Your Finances

“Review all assets and values associated with the assets. Have your fine arts and jewels and collectible vehicles reappraised. Keep a list and a to-do list close to you at all times. Handwriting notes are much better than typed ones. If you like typed memos try emailing yourself as well. Keep a pad close to your nightstand and write things down while laying on your bed. That’s the best time to think things over.” —Farhad Hanasab, President of Hanasab Insurance Services, Inc.

On Resurrecting Your Workout Routine


“Changing up your routine every few months is important to keeping your body from plateauing. Look at what you’ve been doing and see how you can flip it on it’s head, clean out the old and bring in the new. Have you been doing all cardio for a while? Add in weight training a few times a week. The weights will shock your system and help kick things back into high gear. Have you been lifting weights exclusively? Try a yoga class. It might not seem like your jam but your body will thank you for it. The key to spring cleaning your workout program is to try something new or bring back something you haven’t done in a while. We’ve been inside all winter long so move your routine out to the fresh air.” —Autumn Calabrese, Celebrity Trainer & Today Show Fitness Expert

On Watching What You Eat

“As a pastry chef and dessert cookbook author, I love a great dessert. I know, however, through all my years baking I cannot eat every dessert I would like to if I want to fit into my jeans. (Just like I can’t buy every sweater I see in the store.). I need to pick and choose. Before I put the fork in my mouth, I ask myself if I really want that dessert. Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes no. If it is yes, I enjoy it completely without guilt.” —Emily Luchetti, Pastry Chef & Cookbook Author

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