Kyle Biskit: from humble beginnings to living large

By: Karishhma Ashwin By: Karishhma Ashwin | April 27, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

We can all admit that living a life of luxury, especially when you were not born into it, can be challenging. It is extremely difficult to realize your dreams without the resources to make those dreams a reality. However, this does not translate to impossibility. It can be done; with enough determination, you can find your way to the King-size life you dream to live.


Kyle Biskit, the founder of TSL Rentals and luxury entrepreneur, is proof that you can scoop life with a big spoon if you work hard enough for it. Coming from humble beginnings, Kyle has worked hard to find and cement his footing in the luxury business.

His humble beginning was one where he’d lack basic things, and still, his vision of turning his life around burned bright. No challenge has deterred him from chasing his dream, and it has paid off in the success that is now TSL Rentals.

TSL Rentals is a luxury property-rental business that is Biskit’s pride and joy. Seeking to make his way through life, Kyle found himself in Detroit, and in one instance, he was shot multiple times. Not even a bullet could put a damper on his hustler spirit. He recovered and went after his dreams with a newfound passion.

Through his hustling, Kyle learned a lot of valuable lessons that have carried him through his climb. When he finally shed the hustler lifestyle in favor of the luxury business, Kyle went at it with everything he could manage, and he came out on top. His business is now responsible for some of the most exclusive properties in South California.

He is living the King-size life he always dreamed of and hopes to inspire others to realize that it is possible. He also believes that his story will help people understand success is not just handed to you; you have to work for it. Even after falling back many times, he kept going, and only those who keep going get to the top.

TSL Rentals now caters to high-profile clients and even celebrities for short and long-term stays. Kyle Biskit is reimagining luxury to bring clients a range of luxury properties that combine all the best top-shelf housing features.

Kyle has taken the mantle and is leading the luxury property industry transformation. He is working to build an empire by expanding his business. Considering his drive, it is clear that Kyle Biskit is set to reach greater heights with his business.

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