Jorge Lendeborg Jr. on Becoming an Action Film Star

By Scott Huver | February 1, 2019 | People

Suddenly, busy-buzzy Jorge Lendeborg Jr. is living out his childhood movie dreams.


At age 22, with roles in several mega film franchises plus lauded turns in critical darlings like Love, Simon, Jorge Lendeborg Jr. can tell you exactly how he feels: “Like I’m getting away with something!” he says. “I’m doing what I really love to do and no one’s stopping me yet.”

After flirting with the saxophone, drums and keyboards in his youth, the Dominican-born Miami-area native discovered his flair for dramatics in the ninth grade. “I was pretty good at it—or maybe everybody else was really shitty and not trying!” he says. He determined he had to go to Hollywood to make his biggest acting dreams come true. Quickly, they started to.

“I was already in the wheelhouse of these types of [action] films,” Lendeborg says of transitioning from superfan to landing a role in Spider-Man: Homecoming and now co-starring opposite Hailee Steinfeld in the Transformers spinoff, Bumblebee. (“Spider-Man was dope, but I like that I am in Bumblebee a lot!”) Filmmaker Robert Rodriguez’s Alita: Battle Angel is another ideal fit. “I really wanted to focus on doing anime,” Lendeborg says. “I was able to put it out to the universe, and it came back!”

Now the in-demand actor is dropping old-pro phrases like “one [artistic film] for me, one [commercial film] for them” and modeling himself after actor-auteurs Bradley Cooper and Jonah Hill. “I won’t be pigeon-holed yet—I want to cover everything in my career,” he says. “And honestly, I would kinda like an Oscar nomination—or a win!” So far, Hollywood is listening.