Janet Montgomery on Her Steady Rise to Stardom & Her Role in 'The Romanoffs'

By Scott Huver | January 10, 2019 | People

For Janet Montgomery, a 10-year trek has become an "overnight sensation."


Another actress might be beating herself up for not landing an early-days audition with Matt Damon for what could have been a star-making role a decade ago. But New Amsterdam’s Janet Montgomery, 33, has been happy playing the long game with her career since arriving in Hollywood from England. “I look back now and I’m like, ‘Oh, great—I’m glad I didn’t get that, because I wasn’t the actress I am now,’” she says. “I’ve gotten to learn quite a bit on the job and build up my body of work.”

That slow-but-steady, jampacked trajectory took the classically trained dancer from appearances in films like Black Swan to starring roles in TV series like Salem to head-turning stints on Entourage, Downton Abbey and Black Mirror, among others. Now she’s enjoyed a key turn on Matthew Weiner’s critically acclaimed anthology The Romanoffs along with headlining her NBC medical drama as Dr. Lauren Bloom. “It’s not something that I thought would interest me,” she says of her latest role. “[But] I’m getting to learn things that I would never get to learn otherwise. I’m around real doctors who are actually teaching me—that’s a really fascinating part of this job.”

Meanwhile, Montgomery is about to enter motherhood for the first time, again without the usual will-this-change-my-career neuroses many actresses might feel. In fact, she thinks such a profound life experience will only enhance her craft. “It’s [going to] offer me so much more,” she says. “I thought, ‘Oh, if [you] were casting a character who has children, you’d always want to cast the actress who really has children!’ Wouldn’t you?” A farsighted way of approaching The Method? For Montgomery, it’s game on.