Jack Quaid on Growing Up in Hollywood & the Magic of Tinseltown

By Scott Huver | June 5, 2019 | People

For cool guy actor-on-the-rise Jack Quaid, Hollywood is more than a mom-and-pop affair.


Many kids grow up dreaming of a Hollywood career, but few are blessed with parental units like Dennis Quaid and Meg Ryan, who “made it seem possible,” remembers Jack Quaid, 26, now poised to follow in their superstar footsteps. “It was always something I wanted to get good at and make a career out of—not just one or two jobs.”

His parents neither resisted nor opened doors, and Quaid, double endowed with Mom’s next-door appeal and Dad’s devilish charm, opted for serious study. “I had to learn the craft,” he insists. “If I were to do this based off of the credentials of my family, I don’t think it would be worth it. I needed to be in the Industry on my own two feet.”

After early high-profile supporting appearances (The Hunger Games, Logan Lucky), Quaid is grabbing the spotlight this season, first in the rom-com Plus One, then in Amazon’s TV adaptation of The Boys, Garth Ennis’ comic book featuring a covert CIA squad that polices the hyperviolent, hypersexual antics of buckwild superheroes. On a road trip with his girlfriend before he ever auditioned, the budding star voiced a personal goal: “I said out loud, ‘I really just want to be on, like, a superhero show this time next year,’ and then, lo and behold, it happens.” Ah... the magic of Tinseltown.