Isabella Garofanelli on How to Stop Caring What Others Think

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 19, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

When it comes to the online world, people can range from pleasant to obnoxious. One of the most important lessons public figures and celebrities need to learn is that personal feelings come in second place. You have to learn how to ignore others and follow your passion, no matter what. Leading Instagram star Isabella Garofanelli shares, "Separating yourself from the opinions of others can be as challenging as it is necessary."


As someone who is always in the public eye, Isabella knows this balancing act very well. After all, a celebrity's reputation matters, but it should not take a toll on their stress levels. Isabella explains, "A large majority of the time, celebrities, models, and social media stars are pondered with love and admiration from their fans and followers. However, in the anonymous web of social media, trolls often target public figures with mean comments." She adds, "In such scenarios, one must remember one thing - stop worrying what other people think."

When it comes to interacting with your fans, the objective is to connect, engage, and enjoy the conversations. However, if you're trolled, you simply ignore them depending on the nature of the troll. Isabella states that "Not letting hate comments impact your mental wellbeing and self-image are equally important. Celebrities and those who live their lives openly in the public domain must know where to draw a line. You must stop caring for haters and those who try to bring you down for no reason." Its far too easy for someone to hide behind fake accounts and say things they would never dare to face to face. Knowing that makes it easier to ignore the trolls.

While constructive feedback or suggestions are more than welcome, celebrities should not pay heed to mean comments. "Opinions matter when they're aimed at building you up, but they don't when they're only intended to bring you down," concludes Isabella.

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