International Loops Pioneers New Approach To Influencer Marketing

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As technology advances, the influence of social media on its audience also progresses. That is why various businesses require the help of International Loops. This social media marketing agency has significantly been sought after by brands large and small, particularly for its influencer marketing expertise.

Numerous brands have chosen to collaborate with International Loops, founded by Jennifer Brooks in 2015, with the hope of maximizing their reach to their audience through influencer marketing. This marketing strategy has been proven very effective as it has made International Loops a multi-million-dollar industry by providing great successes to the brands they join forces with.

The Art of Influencer Marketing
Influencer marketing revolves around building a company’s name and social media presence through the use of influencers. One particular platform that consists of many influencers is Instagram, so International Loops is primarily focused on it.
It is believed that high-profile influencers have the unique power to expose brands to large pools of potential customers, retain the loyalty of old ones, and help them achieve greater sales. That is why both International Loops and influencer marketing are in high demand.

Building connections for more success
In most cases, brands have difficulty collaborating with influencers because of their high rates. This is where International Loops come in. They act as the link or mediator between the business and the influencer. Because of this, they prove that connections are the key to everything, including business success. Therefore, International Loops has built strong relationships with various famous influencers in order to provide diversity to help brands meet their needs.

The new approach of the marketing strategy
After almost six years in the industry, International Loops has mastered the art of influential marketing. Although each campaign is designed uniquely depending on the brand, it usually maximizes the power of influencers by hosting giveaways. The benefits of this marketing strategy are abundant. One advantage is the brand will be exposed to a larger population that could significantly contribute to sales.

Enjoying the benefits
International Loops designs campaigns specifically for a particular brand. These campaigns usually vary depending on the size of the hosting influencer’s following. With this method, the social media marketing agency can pair an illustrious influencer and a growing brand. This rising company pays a smaller amount compared to the rates charged by other SMM agencies. As long as the business has a marketing budget ready, International Loops can help it can enjoy the fruits of influencer marketing.

Connected with big names
International Loops has built professional rapports with prominent influencers. It has worked with stars like Keyshia Cole and Floyd Mayweather, who have hosted significantly successful campaigns. Aside from that, this multimillion-dollar company confirms its reach to one billion people around the world. Their hard work is certainly reflected in the advertising traffic metrics brought to the social media pages they boost.

For International Loops, the size of the business it is working with does not matter. Its sole purpose is to help increase the sales of any brand by boosting its image. Through this new era of influencer marketing, greater opportunities are now available for both businesses and influencers to reach their growth goals.

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