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Instagram Star Sadaf Torabi Discusses the Beauty Industry

By Karishhma Ashwin Mago | March 12, 2021 |

The cosmetics industry is one of the most thriving industries in the world. From lipsticks to prosthetics, cosmetics are everywhere. Over the years, makeup artists have evolved according to the changes in the cosmetic industry. Sadaf Torabi is one such makeup artist that learned a lot through various training courses. A civil engineer by degree but makeup trainer by heart, Sadaf believes that the cosmetic industry is going through a paradigm shift over the last few years. Makeup artists feel eager to apply the latest technology has to offer to hone their craft further.

Sadaf Torabi

1. Evolution of cosmetics
Not just Sadaf, even other veteran makeup artists believe that the advent of technology in the cosmetics industry is helping them with their work more than ever. Yes, they still need to use some of the traditional makeup tools, but now they don't have to guess what type of makeup will look best on their client. That is where technology is making a significant impact in transforming this industry for the better.

2. Virtual makeover
Millions of men and women go for a complete makeover because they want to look different from what they are now. They have an idea of the changes they want and the type of makeup that will help them achieve their looks. Their first job is to get in touch with an experienced makeup artist and makeover specialist. Sadaf, over the years, has worked with hundreds of clients who underwent a complete makeover.

Now that you've contacted a makeup artist, you need to consult whether the look you want will work or not. An experienced makeup artist can suggest other looks that you can try. But all this is a guessing game, and you need to depend on the makeup artist's experience all the time. Wouldn't it be better if you could see how you would look after the makeover before the makeup artist starts with his/her bag of trickery? That's precisely the concept of a virtual makeup application system.

A virtual makeup application system allows you to try different styles using App and AR mirrors. That will help you understand which makeup or hairstyle looks suitable. It cuts down the risk of guessing a form and then changing it in the last moment. Many makeup artists like Sadaf Torabi also use AR and VR to experiment with different nail polish shades.

In this system, you don't even have to go to your makeup artist for a virtual makeover. You can send your photo to a virtual beauty adviser. He/he will send you an updated look of your face after a complete makeover. If you don't like it, you have the option to chop and change until you finalize a look that suits you.


3. Personalized cosmetics
With the advent of advanced 3D printers, it is now possible for cosmetics users to get personalized cosmetics in their homes. Makeup producing printers allow you to get customized cosmetics, taking into consideration the shade you prefer, the color that suits you the best, etc. That gives you the confidence to use makeup that is perfect for you. You don't have to compromise on any front when it comes to your cosmetics.

Most importantly, you can get cosmetics according to your skin type, facial features, your lifestyle, etc. Different cosmetic products react differently to various users. Some people complain that they get rashes and feel irritated after applying the makeup of a specific brand. With personalized cosmetics, you don't have to worry about these things anymore. You can specify your skin type and color before ordering your cosmetic kit.

4. Organic beddings for smoother skin
Your skin needs to support the cosmetics you choose. According to Sadaf, cosmetics only improve your skin's beauty. Therefore, you need to maintain it properly to ensure that the cosmetics you use don't have any adverse effects. With technological advancements, it is now possible to protect your skin from various pollutants and keep it younger, softer, and smoother for years.

Thanks to skin glow bedding, a sheet infused with organic ingredients to keep your skin smooth, you can expect to say goodbye to the fine lines and wrinkles appearing prematurely on your skin. This bedding sheet contains copper ions inside pillow covers and comforters to reduce wrinkles and fine lines. You need to use these customized pillows at night to notice the change in a few weeks. Copper ion can increase collagen content in your skin, thus reducing fine lines quickly. Experts suggest that there is hardly any makeup or cosmetics that can produce similar results.


Photography by: Photos courtesy of Sadaf Torabi