How You Can Explore New Ideas and Break Boundaries Through Art, According to Bolli Blas

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | May 13, 2021 | Sponsored Post

The "art is not for everyone" trope is well past its time. While we can admit that art is all around us, not all of us can create art. It is probably more accurate to say art is for anyone. Art means believing in yourself, exploring your perceptions of reality, and interpreting them so that others can see and experience them.


Bolli Blas, born Julia Luiza, is a visual artist and oil painter with international exhibits. She is the creator of Bollis, the name of her wide-eyed characters that feature in her paintings. Bolli had admitted to having little knowledge of the art industry when starting as an artist. However, she quickly acclimated to the industry, thanks to her experiences, travels, and the people she met.

Through her art, Bolli has discovered the importance of loving your profession as it brings fulfillment, or as she calls it, the labor of love. Her profession has allowed her to break barriers, explore, and challenge her artistic expressions to grow. Now, she is recognized internationally for her unique work.

Speaking about her masterpieces, Bolli says her artwork is mainly influenced by her experiences, everyday events, and the people she’s met during her travels. Her art conveys her idea of utopia and aims to give the viewer a moment of calm and joy. The characters in her art purposely have bright eyes because they’re the windows to the soul. They look back at the viewer and hold a mirror to society.

When looking at modern society and art in general, art has been an expression conduit for many people, a tool used for social activism and, at its core, an escape for artists like Bollis who have so much to share with the world. You can change the world through art, and Bolli is urging more people to see the wide-open opportunity to explore new ideas and break boundaries. Art is universal, after all. Bollis has been educating aspiring artists about art and the industry to reinforce this. She is also looking forward to exploring new ideas by taking her art to new destinations.

Recognized as an artist with a vision, we can’t wait to see what she has in store next!

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