How Luc Longmire built his empire despite starting from ground zero

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 2, 2021 | Culture, Lifestyle, Sponsored Post,

LucLongmire shares his story of scalability and success within entrepreneurship.


The world of entrepreneurship can be a glorified place, a promised land of successful investments and riches. A land which many entrepreneurial hopefuls have found to be barren. Not Luc Longmire, his determination to succeed at entrepreneurship has seen him go from earning six figures a year to taking in six figures a week.

As a self-taught entrepreneur, Longmire has found success through his mentoring and advisory abilities. Longmire currently coaches trading hopefuls in how to maximize their returns when trading with forex. Forex is an abbreviation of the foreign exchange market, which is a global arena for the trading of currencies. In his role as a forex coach, Longmire advises traders in all aspects of buying, selling, and exchanging currencies. Longmire shares that his current profession, which has taken him from bringing in six figures a year in earnings to six figures a week is a pursuit that he achieved through pure determination. When he was within a managerial position at Gold's Gym, Longmire felt as though his aspirations for wealth and success had reached a plateau. It was then that Longmire realized he would have to take a risk and invest in himself and his entrepreneurial hopes. And so, he did just that and stepped out of the nine-to-five life that was expected of him. Since then, Longmire has traveled the world bringing hopeful entrepreneurs and traders closer to the trading success and wealth that they have been unable to attain alone.

Longmire’s journey to entrepreneurship was self designed and hard fought, and he shares that his success as an entrepreneur wouldn’t exist without his self belief and trust in his abilities. These are traits that Longmire now encourages others to embody to become the most successful trader they can. Of helping others see their potential as a trader, Longmire says, “The first investment that anyone starting out in trading should make is an investment in themselves. Trust your choices and don’t wait for it to be your turn, make it your turn.”

Luc Longmire first achieved success as an athlete in high school, where football became his passion. It could have become his career if it hadn’t been for a serious injury that shattered his collarbone. This event set him onto a new path that saw him go from struggling in the streets and living within half-way houses to building himself back up and helping others do the same. Longmire shares that success became his new reality when he discovered network marketing and entered the world of entrepreneurship where he now inspires others to reach their trading potential. Elaborating on this, Longmire says, “I want people to see that a five-year plan can be completed within a year if you put trust in yourself.”

The world of entrepreneurship often makes promises that it can’t keep, but sometimes an entrepreneur reaches a height of success that never could have been imagined from where they started.

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