The Hamptons' Young, Rich & Cleaning - an Interview of Myles Kronman

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 30, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Myles Kronman started his latest agency for affiliate marketing in 2020 during the pandemic. It shows his willingness to take risks and sniff out potential businesses. At Model House, a client or a brand can go from doing quality photoshoots of their products all the way to setting up collaborations with the best influencers in the market. And all of this is possible due to the talent, networking, and ambition of Myles Kronman.


“I always found it hard to focus in school. And surprisingly it’s not that I didn’t like to learn, I have always loved learning. I just didn’t pay attention to things that I felt were not useful to me. Most of the authority around me thought it was just a bad attitude. Really I was just obsessed with learning about things like money and the process of how to multiply it. Which is of course why I started making money at a very young age. I started my first business in high school. I offered residential and commercial window cleaning in the Hamptons” said Myles. It didn’t take him long for that business to scale. In 2014 myles company Clean Hamptons had been voted the #1 cleaning company in the Hamptons by thousands of homeowners. By this time myles had enrolled in St. John university to study Economics and finance. In order to build connections for his future myles hired friends to help run his company so he would have the time intern & later work directly under the owners for the Butter Group, which owned the 1oak Nightclub.

“I was focused majorly on meeting new people and building a network that I would eventually need to make my mark on the business world. I though I was going to be an investment banker. And one thing I knew is the big finance guys loved 1oak, so what better place to work. It was after graduation that I realized I didn’t want to work behind a desks and decided to switch things up” said Myles. His cleaning company was still growing, having taken on a client list that included the Kardashians, Jay, z, Billy Joel and more. His ambition helped him to thrive and make a name for himself. Soon, Myles was being asked to lead several businesses. He became most well-known when he opened the Jue Lan Club Southampton. The ability to bring in celebrities and athletes like 50 Cent, Michael Jordan, and DJ Khaled helped them to become the hottest restaurant in NYC and the Hamptons. “Jue Lan was probably one of my favorite experiences. It was cool to have my mother do the interior design. Once the Jue Lan was sold, I decided to travel so I started doing consulting for hospitality groups throughout the country. Which was the best decision Ive ever made. I love the thrill of discovering new places” added Myles. He’s now lived in NY, LA, Vegas, Houston, and now Miami where he plans to stay.

In the past 2 years myles has expanded his cleaning company to palm beach, FL while also Co-founding Social Key Media a digital marketing that has landed big players roster of clientele including rolling stone magazine and the /Barclays Center.

Myles’ latest entrepreneurial idea is arguably his best: Model House Los Angeles. He has formed an invite only society for content creators of all types. Helping them learn how to monetize their influence and create long term wealth. On the B2B side of Model House they offer content creation and production packages with the ability to access the best creators in their network. Model House Has a combined 500 million in audience reach. Model House Los Angeles is the future of content creation and influencer/affiliate marketing.

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