What is Gumlift/Gum Recontouring? NYC Smile Design Explains What You Need to Know

By Evan Arroyo By Evan Arroyo | April 23, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Nowadays, dental care is not all about teeth cleaning — the appearance of the smile matters a lot too. Having a smile that people instantly notice has an effect on how you feel about yourself and even improves your confidence level during a conversation. Cosmetic dentistry such as gum recontouring can improve a smile's appearance and help fix other oral diseases or hygiene problems. A gum lift is a dental treatment procedure performed by dentists by reshaping the gum line. Globally, there has been a surge in the number of people seeking dental cosmetic treatment, an indication that a majority of the people are not happy with their smiles.

NYC Smile Design is a US-based dental treatment practice that offers a well-crafted approach towards dental care. Established over 30 years ago, NYC Smile Design has invested majorly in education and remains abreast with the current trends in the dental care space. Gum lifting or gum recontouring is among the many procedures that they perform at their center. Their experienced experts use the newest laser dentistry technology to reshape the gum tissues to offer their patients the desired smile. A majority of the gum recontouring patients seek to,

  • Align uneven gum line
  • Remove the excess tissue that shows when they smile
  • Correct the short teeth
  • Trim the excess gum tissue that surrounds the teeth
  • Restructure the asymmetry of the gum tissues

To perform the gum recontouring procedure, the dentist must administer local anesthesia to numb the surrounding gum area. This is performed to relieve pain and ensure the patient is comfortable during the procedure. The excess gum is then removed using a laser that is soft on the tissues. The dentist then reshapes the gum line to expose more parts of the tooth. In some instances, the dentist may have to add gum tissues from other mouthparts when the gums recede. The procedure is a minor surgery and takes between one to two hours and varies depending on the extent of contouring needed.


The recovery duration varies depending on the surgery's extent but lasts for only a few days or weeks. The NYC Smile Design has qualified professionals who will offer you post-surgery guidelines to follow including dietary instructions to follow to speed up the recovery. Some of the benefits of gum recontouring include,

Less invasive surgery - the laser technology commonly used for performing the gum recontouring procedure is less invasive than the traditional methods. Laser never cuts into your gum tissues. At NYCSD, dentists use laser beams that penetrate the gum to perform the needed function.

Less risk of infection - the less-invasive nature implies less exposure of the gum tissues, limiting the infection rate. Other surgical procedures may expose more tissues, increasing the infection rate even after the surgery as they leave a significant wound to be nursed.

No room for any complications as laser treatment is gentle and precise as it touches only the infected tissues leaving the surrounding tissues unharmed.

Improves the smile leaving the patient more comfortable and confident than before.

The recovery period is fast as gum lifting is a less invasive process.

Visit the NYC Smile Design to look at patients' testimonials including before and after images.

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