Gennaro Tella on the Importance of Social Media in Modern-Day Marketing

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 19, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Gennaro Tella is the founder of Attitude, the largest sales management company in Italy. Here he discusses the importance of social media in modern-day marketing.


Multiplies your reach
Today it’s not difficult to find influencers who have 10K to 100K followers on their Instagram page. It’s not difficult to make one video that reaches millions of people within minutes of its launch – The Redbull Space Jump, for example. Social Media has enabled brands and individuals to have a wider audience that grows as they grow. It's a great boon for marketing.

Great for small businesses
A small business does not mean a small idea. A small business has limited funds and few supporting hands to bring an idea to life. In the past, people preferred to work for established companies as they were unsure how to bring their ideas to life. Fortunately, the situation has changed a great deal today. While the uncertainty stays, people are more willing than ever to show up in the digital marketplace. They are brave enough to hold their wares aloft and wait for customers to show interest, thus creating a greater need for marketing.

Improves customer connection
Many diverse worlds are being thrown into the mix together in the cauldron of social media. People are buying from like-minded individuals and selling to those who seem to be from similar backgrounds. This process enables conversation and connection. The ingenuity of the product, its topical relevance often turns people into curious inquirers, thus initiating a chain reaction of conversation that can bring new information to the world. Marketing is a dream in such scenarios where discussions are encouraged and initiated.

Marketing today is transforming. It is becoming friendlier and less cold. And all things considered, that is good news indeed, believes Gennaro Tella.

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