Fleur Marché is Reimagining the CBD Experience

By Christina Najjar | January 9, 2019 | Style & Beauty

Finally, a one-stop shop for all of her CBD needs: Fleur Marché. A premium curation of the most elegant and top-quality cannabis products on a beautiful e-commerce platform. Fleur Marché is the first of its kind – an elevated, trustworthy, and beginner-friendly retail experience built to help women understand the powerful wellness and beauty benefits of cannabis.

Fleur Marché is reimagining the CBD experience by providing women with important education and facts about how cannabis can be used to manage stress, combat inflammation, make your skin glow, and give you a better night’s sleep. It’s no longer just about getting high. More a high-end wellness boutique than a weed shop, Fleur Marché showcases a gorgeous array of CBD-infused beauty and wellness products.


More a high-end wellness boutique than a weed shop, Fleur Marché showcases a gorgeous array of CBD-infused beauty and wellness products, including unique and specialized starter kits for CBD beginners, to help with all of life’s great challenges, such as Le Beauty Kit, Le Sleep Kit, and Le PMS Kit. Brands like Foria, Populum, Kana and Plant People, which even has their own Hemp-Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

The Sephora of CBD, Fleur Marché was created by two former goop directors who have a history of building wellness experiences for women both on and offline. Co-founder and CEO Ashley Lewis is a seasoned brand strategist who launched the wellness business vertical at goop, overseeing the launch and roll out of goop’s acclaimed vitamin line as well as the growth of its clean wellness shop. Co-founder and CCO, Meredith Schroeder is a veteran merchant, with extensive experience in building and scaling fashion retail platforms for female consumers, and most recently oversaw the fashion business vertical at goop. Lewis and Schroeder are passionate about combining CBD wellness, education, and community in one trusted experience for women.


Built on an ethos of transparency, Fleur Marché has a stringent vetting process for its featured brands, each one of whom submits sourcing and testing documentation to verify the quality and purity of its products. The result: consumers can trust that every brand and product sold on Fleur Marché is thoroughly tested and safe. Whether supporting sleep, a healthy stress response, sexual wellness, glowing skin, uplifted mood, or clarity of mind, Fleur Marché is a perfect tincture, blend, or salve for every woman.

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