Fitness Tips From Hollywood's Best-Kept Secret

By Miri Sadigh | July 26, 2018 | People

Who keeps tinseltown looking fit for the silver screen? Meet Nonna Gleyzer, who has some tips for mere mortals too.


Hollywood’s best-kept secret, Nonna Gleyzer (, a former rhythmic gymnast who competed on the Ukrainian National Team, is credited with crafting some of the Industry A-list’s best physiques out of her paparazzi-proof West Hollywood Pilates studio. Gleyzer, 46, got her start as an assistant: “The first person I helped was Jodi Foster [in 1996],” she reveals. Then came the celeb army. Her ultraprivate space, which opened in 2008, has hosted everyone from Gisele Bu╠łndchen and Tom Brady to Samuel L. Jackson, Madonna, Sting, Emma Roberts, Chiara Ferragni and Natalie Portman, whom she helped with “preventative injury preparation” for Black Swan. “I get to heal people,” says Gleyzer, who studied physiology and hails from a long line of healers (she also does energy work on her clients). Her movie credits don’t stop there: “Tom Ford hired me for Nocturnal Animals,” she says, explaining how she shaped the bodies of the film’s three leads, Amy Adams, Jake Gyllenhaal and Armie Hammer, to Ford’s exacting aesthetic. “I think people should look organic—like they’ve never been to the gym, but they appear fit,” she adds, referring to her signature “natural strong” but sexy look. What’s her secret? “It may sound crazy, but it’s healthier to have proteins for breakfast and lunch, carbs for dinner,” says Gleyzer, whose motto is simple—eat less, move more—and who advises clients to practice intermittent fasting (not eating for 15 to 16 hours between dinner and breakfast) for that Malibu-ready body. The cameras in H’wood apparently agree.