How Evie Jeang Is Making Dreams of a Family Happen for Members of the LGBTQ Community

| June 13, 2019 | People



Experience and expertise inform and inspire Evie Jeang’s life. As a child of divorce, Jeang has specialized in family law for over 15 years. Fertility challenges led Jeang to found Surrogacy Concierge in 2017, a full concierge service that assists with surrogacy and fertility needs. Jeang and Surrogacy Concierge places a strong emphasis on helping members of the LGBTQ community realize their dreams of having a family.

How did your experience with fertility issues launch Surrogacy Concierge? I froze eggs to have my son. Going through that process made me realize the legal and emotional complexity of navigating reproductive challenges and surrogacy. I started Surrogacy Concierge to handle every detail including the legal and contractual challenges surrogacy presents.

What made you aware of the LGBTQ community’s surrogacy needs? Unfortunately a number of states and countries don’t allow surrogacy and many LGBTQ people don’t have the right to have children. When my cousin and his partner wanted to have a family, the expense and complexity proved a roadblock, so I gave them one of my eggs and helped them with a surrogate. That experience made me understand the struggle the LGBTQ community faces planning a family.

What is key to ensuring greater LGBTQ access to fertility and surrogacy? Making it more affordable. I believe that anyone who wants to have a family should be able to establish a payment plan, much like taking out a loan. I also speak with employers about helping their employees with surrogacy and fertility costs. Having a family is a basic human right that should be attainable and legal everywhere. 2880 West Valley Blvd., Alhambra, CA 91803, 626.569.1813,,, @surrogacyconcierge


Photography by: Brooke Mason of Brooke Mason Creative