Damon Woodward Explains How to Attain Massive Success From Ground Zero

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 23, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

From a 14-year-old who had no parents or guardians to a high-profile real estate investor, Damon Woodward exemplifies that it is not necessary to be born into a wealthy family to succeed. All it takes is hard work and dedication.


When he was only 14 years old, Damon Woodward had to move out of his home. He was put into a government program for children who don’t have parents or guardians, which ensured that Damon had a place to live and financial support for school.

Without any role models or rules to follow, Damon found himself in and out of school. He learned many hard life lessons and worked in various industries so he could collect a paycheck. However, Damon is thankful for his difficult childhood, as it gave him the drive and resilience he has today.

Damon didn’t have a wealthy family to rely on, so he had to find a different approach to success. Early on, he realized that he had a very strong work ethic, as he would move through the positions very quickly at whatever job he had. It wouldn’t take Damon long to climb the entrepreneurial ladder and end up in a senior position simply because he was willing to outwork all the others.

All the hard work paid off, as Damon is now a CEO of two companies: Leadway Holdings Ltd. and Blackcard Elite Academy Ltd., otherwise known as the real estate training company Blackcard University. However, Damon’s aim is not to be known only for his successful career. He strives to add value to everyone he comes into contact with or who comes into contact with him.

“One of the great things about being an entrepreneur is that as long as you are doing your job successfully, there are many people around you that will benefit,” Damon says. For that reason, Damon uses the power of social media to provide free advice and lessons to all aspiring entrepreneurs. In addition to his Instagram (@damonwoodward3), Damon regularly posts educational videos on his YouTube channel.

Damon’s most frequent advice to all newbies in the real estate industry is to invest in proper education. Damon learned that getting educated about investing is the key to success. “I have spent over $100,000 on my personal development over the last few years; every time I put a dollar in education, I am pulling several dollars out,” he says.

“When I made $68,000 on my very first real estate transaction, the light bulb sort of went on,” Damon says. “Investing $19,000 made me $68,000. This motivated me to invest more money in education so that I can earn more.”

In addition to providing free advice on his social media, Damon constantly works on developing programs at Blackcard University, the number one real estate training company in the country. Blackcard offers its students various courses, from one-on-one coaching sessions to programs such as the ‘MI5’ or ‘Millionaire in 5 Years,’ which ensures five years of ongoing education to walk people through making a million dollars over five years.

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