These LA Women Are Making Fitness Fun Again

BY KATHRYN ROMEYN | May 21, 2018 | Lifestyle Feature

Meet a quartet of entrepreneurial LA women—two slinging high-level activewear and the others, cult-quality fitness crazes—who are causing celebs to forget all about Lululemon and SoulCycle.



Celeb fans: Gwyneth Paltrow, Jessica Alba, Emmy Rossum
Recent news: Launched Carbon38-branded monthly collections—“because there is so much to say”—alongside its boutique of 85 percent female-founded activewear labels.
Credentials: “A little ballet, a lot of grit and a healthy dose of cockeyed optimism.”
Mission in life: “To eat Oreos and not gain an ounce.”
What’s coming next? “Ruffles! So many ruffles!”
Carbon38 women feel... ”beautiful, strong, capable.”
How do you sweat it out? “When I am being purposeful, it’s a combo of Barry’s Bootcamp, Tracy Anderson, Kayla Itsines, Pilates Platinum, Speir Pilates, Gloveworx, CorePower, modelFIT. And when I am lazy, the red sauna at Pause!”
Healthy craving: “Kelly LeVeque’s freezer fudge. I carry vats of the stuff around with me in all sorts of refrigerated apparatus.”
Best lesson learned: “There’s no such thing as luck. Those stars aligned because you put them there.”



Celeb fans: Meghan Markle, Kendall Jenner, 50 Cent
Recent news: Opened second LA location in Silver Lake, published We Flow Hard book and launched Y7 merchandise.
Points of differentiation: “There are no mirrors; the studio is candlelit; we time our breath to the beat of the music and use infrared heating for intense detox.”
Fave body part to show off: “Chest and collarbone—not my boobs, but the general chest area.”
Go-to yoga pose: “Half moon.”
Top track for getting into a flow: “‘Beware,’ by Big Sean.”
Best tush in Tinseltown: “Blake Lively.”
Post Y7 feel? “Empowered and light—like you’ve let something go.” Source of fitspo: “I love transformation photos.”
Pinch-me moment: “Signing the lease for our 10th location!”
Dream client: “Kevin Hart.”
Healthy craving: “Any of the pizzas at Crossroads.”
2018 encouragement: “It’s really great to have acknowledgment from society in general that you don’t have to be a 40-year-old man with a Harvard business degree to be successful.”

4300 Sunset Blvd.,



Celeb fans: Busy Philipps, Emmy Rossum, Alia Shawkat, Lindsay Price
Recent news: Opening her flagship studio in Hollywood, and expanding subscription-based On Demand and streaming classes.
Credentials: “Classically trained dancer, trained yogi.”
Why mini trampolines? “Rebounders have incredible benefits; plus, it’s literally impossible not to smile when you’re jumping on one.”
Best lesson: “Detatch from anyone or anything that doesn’t serve you.”
LEKfit’s M.O. in three words: “Enjoy. Your. Sweat.”
Fave body part to show off: “My derriere.”
Top track for getting sweaty: “Super obsessed with anything by Gallant.”
Best arms in Hollywood? “Busy Philipps.”
Your activewear signature: “Ultracor or Varley, all black. Love a bodysuit.”
Never be caught dead in: “A weighted vest, running around the block.”
Dream clients: “Oprah and Michelle Obama.”
Fave healthy craving: “M Café.”
Guilty pleasure: “I feel guilty about nothing.”
Post-class feels: “Accomplished, energized, happy... and sweaty!”



Celeb fans: The Kardashians, Whitney Port, Alessandra Ambrosio, Ashley Greene
Recent news: Expanded her line to include more athleisure, launched Skin by Varley skincare line and opened Platform LA pop-up (May-July).
Point of differentiation: “Performance first.”
Athleisure isn’t going away because… ”who’s stopping working out?”
Most flattering summer style: “A healthy body.”
Lesson learned: “Don’t compare yourself.”
Varley makes women feel… “supported, confident, ready for action.”
Fave body part to show off: “Ankles. I have good ankles.”
Top fitness move: “Burpees—quickest way to get a burn.”
Skin by Varley is… “high-performing, science-led, tackling the modern-day aggressors for active women.”
Signature color: “Ivory.”
Next trend prediction: “Being understated and effortless. However, I do love how ’80s and ’90s trends are back in style.”
Dream client: “Jennifer Lawrence.”
Guilty pleasure: “Erewhon—very LA of me, I know.”
Source of fitspo: “LA inspires me to get moving. I come from London, so the weather here is heaven!”


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