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Christina Hendricks on the Season 2 Premiere of NBC's 'Good Girls' & What She Thinks of a 'Mad Men' Reboot

By Kate Oczypok | March 1, 2019 | People

Christina Hendricks is starring in Season 2 of Good Girls with co-stars Retta and Mae Whitman. The NBC show follows the three women as they tire of trying to make ends meet for their families. The trio ends up finding themselves in deep trouble. In her latest chat with Los Angeles Confidential, Christina tells us about the series new plot, what it was like playing the iconic Joan in AMC's Mad Men, and the best advice she’s ever received.


Congrats on Season 2 of Good Girls! What can we expect to see this time around?
CHRISTINA HENDRICKS: Well, we pick up exactly where we left off. It’s more of these women getting themselves in these horrible predicaments. Whereas last year, they were like, "We don’t know what we’re doing at all, this is crazy." They now have this sense of confidence. They proceed with a little too much courage and get deeper and deeper. Of course, it’s going to affect their families more this season. Some know what’s going on now.

What’s it like playing such badass women like Joan in Mad Men and now Beth in Good Girls?
CH: They’re entirely different. I don’t know how badass Beth is! She’s very emboldened and the kind of person who when backed into a corner will charge forward. She flips something in her brain and says, "Okay, I said I’m going to do it so now I’m going to do it, and I’m going to do it really well." She makes fairly irrational decisions and is not necessarily learning as she goes. Joan was much more cautious about being badass. She started out as a secretary and not getting a lot of respect. She felt very comfortable in her niche in the office but knew her place. It took her years to find her strength and learn her worth. I think Beth is on a fast track.

What’s it like working with your co-stars Retta and Mae Whitman?
CH: In Season 1 we were all transplanted to Atlanta. It was sort of like being at summer camp. We all had our little houses and each other. Every night we’d discuss and text everything that had happened throughout the day. I’m sure Retta said this but at 4 a.m. she was like, "Stop! Put down your phones, I have to go to sleep!" There’s a lot of very funny selfies that have been shared over the past two seasons. There’s a lot of lying in bed trying to fall asleep and lots of hilarious photos.

What’s the most difficult part about playing Beth?
CH: She is constantly walking on eggshells and always looking over her shoulder. She’s gotten herself into a situation where she could be found out at any moment—by her family, her neighbors, gang members, the FBI. She’s filled with anxiety on a daily basis. You have to come and play that anxiety every day and explore what it would be like to push your limits and your boundaries and how you justify these insane things you choose to do. You have to throw yourself into that. By the end of the day, you’re just so worn out from playing that. My muscles are tense all the time.

Any thoughts on a Mad Men reboot or should it be left alone?
CH: I think it should be left as is. Matt Weiner worked so hard to end it as beautifully as he did. It wasn’t a quick write and flip decision. It was a very specific ending and it was so special; I think it was perfect and I wouldn’t touch it.

What’s some of the best advice you’ve received when it comes to your career?
CH: I haven’t really received a ton of advice. I know that sounds crazy. I guess trust your instincts is the one I hear repeated over and over and maybe the one I listen to the most. Maybe that’s why I remember it. Trusting your instincts and if you feel that something is right, stand by it.

Any new projects coming up?
CH: I have a movie out right now called Egg and a movie coming out in March called American Woman, both of which I did right after The Romanoffs. This is my first break in three years, I’m just happy to be relaxing with a cup of coffee talking to you!

Photography by: Photography courtesy Tony Duran