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Why Chrissy Teigen Says She's the 'Dorkiest' With Fashion Trends

By Jessica Estrada | February 12, 2015 | People People & Parties Latest The Latest

Model, style icon, and wife to John Legend, Chrissy Teigen makes it look all too easy. We talked to Teigen about what really happens after the Grammys, how she feels about fashion trends, and what her famous hubby likes to eat.

2 - Why Chrissy Teigen Says She's the 'Dorkies…

Chrissy Teigen.

Chrissy Teigen is best known for gracing the cover of Sports Illustrated’s coveted swimsuit issue, but that’s not even the most impressive thing about her. What makes the model—and wife to LA Confidential cover star John Legend—truly stand out is her unpredictable personality, her flair for crafting the most hilarious (read: outrageous) tweets and Instagrams, and her undeniable love for food. Basically, she’s as down-to-earth as they come.

We caught up with the social media phenomenon last week at Stir Market where she was celebrating her new spring campaign with Revolve. Teigen spilled on spring trends, her post-Grammys plans, a forthcoming cookbook, and Legend’s all-time favorite dish, which also happens to be perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day dinner.

Congrats on the Revolve campaign. What pieces are you loving for spring?
: I’m a big catalog, online shopper and I like to buy off the mannequin [or] off the models on a website. When I see something that I think is cool and it looks cool on that girl, that’s what I want. I’m a very solids type of girl, but if I see something that [has] a dope print with like a long cape draped over the shoulders and a plain t-shirt, that’s what I’m into—having one item that really pops.

What trends do you think we’ll see during New York Fashion Week?
: I’m like the dorkiest person when it comes to trends because I’m kind of the person that catches on after it’s already caught on. I’m like "You’re right, that does look cool." I’m not the biggest risk-taker, honestly. I’m still doing the crop-top thing. Everyone is like "It’s over, get over it," but no, I still love it. I never thought I’d say this, but gauchos are kind of my jam right now. Again, it’s probably a late trend, too. I don’t even know what’s on the runway right now so I’m just excited to see fashion week.

How does your style change from when you’re in LA to when you’re in New York?
: My closet here versus [my closet in] New York is very different. I wear a lot of black. I love wearing black head-to-toe. I love layering in New York City and then I come to LA and I’m like "Oh my god, everyone is so cute and on point all of the time." I feel like in New York, I can kind of get away with wearing the same pair of David Lerner leggings with a long tunic and a dope blazer or a cape. Here, you have to be a little edgier and cooler, but I haven’t nailed that yet, despite living here for many years. I just feel like it’s harder in LA. You have got to accessorize more and show more. I much prefer New York though; it’s easier.

1 - Why Chrissy Teigen Says She's the 'Dorkies…

Teigen models some looks from Revolve.

If you could only wear one outfit forever, what would it be?
: It’s the outfit I do wear everyday: black David Lerner leggings and my thigh-high pair of Prada boots that I’ve had for seven years. I get them restored every winter. They just keep getting looser and looser, but they’re like these amazing boots. [Also, a] Helmut Lang long button-up blouse, my Balmain leather jacket, and my Janessa Leone hat. I would wear that everyday. I do wear that everyday. It’s just too easy.

Let’s talk Grammys. What’s your favorite part of the awards?
: [The] Grammys [are] fun. It’s easy. I’m just so proud of [John], and to be able to see all my favorite performers in one place is very cool.

What do you and John do after the Grammys?
: For the fifth year in a row, I am on the redeye after the Grammys because our Sports Illustrated launch is in New York the day after. I would love to complain, but that airplane is one of the coolest flights you’ve ever been on in your life because […] it’s like all of these amazingly talented fantastic musicians, and they’re on this redeye flight to New York and they’re all a little tipsy. They’re all in their same outfits, maybe their ties are loose or they're holding their trains. That’s what the flight is like. I much prefer to be on the redeye that night; it’s cool, it’s like a party.

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A photo posted by @chrissyteigen on

Teigen cooking in her kitchen.

Speaking of parties, anyone that follows you on Instagram knows you love cooking. What are your favorite things to make?
: My favorite things to cook tend to be very protein-based. I love making my mom’s scalloped potatoes. I love any kind of casserole; I love very hearty, rich, salty foods. I’ve never had a sweet tooth. I much prefer chips, potatoes, and cheese. That doesn’t quite make sense with the lifestyle, but [I] try to balance it.

What’s John’s favorite dish that you make?
: He loves when I make branzino. He tries to eat healthy, [but] when we’re with each other, he gets a little bigger for sure because I force him to eat everything I make. It’s just herb-roasted; just lemon, thyme, sage, and rosemary. [Then you] rub it in garlic and chili flakes and throw it in the oven. It takes like 15 minutes. It’s the easiest thing on the planet, and then you just share it with your loved one and pick at it with a fork. It’s so delicious and so easy. He also loves my osso buco and my lamb chops.

We hear you’re working on a cookbook. Can you share anything about that?
: Being in LA inspires me more because my kitchen here is fantastic. The light is fantastic, I want to take photos, I want to cook with my mom. Right now, we’re in the recipe-writing stages, which is really important to me and very difficult. I have so much respect for people that write cookbooks because it’s not an easy thing at all—it’s very tedious. It’s fun to write about the recipe, but actually writing the recipe and getting those measurements down, and making sure it’s perfect for people is tough because I’m insecure, and I’m scared that someone is going to mess up on my measurements. It’s nerve-racking, but it’s a lot of fun.


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