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CBD for the Avid Outdoor Enthusiast

Tribe CBD | August 27, 2020 | Lifestyle

August is upon us and we can feel summer begin to dwindle already. This year has proven to use again how returning to the simple, opting for the outdoors, can be the best therapy for us all. With summers end right around the corner, we are all looking for ways to embrace the outdoors even more and stay active and out in nature.

CBD has grown in popularity over the last few years, and this year especially, more people have been turning to CBD for its therapeutic properties. For those of us who have turned to the outdoors as our best method of social distancing and anxiety management, CBD could be the extra little addition you are seeking.

What is CBD?

CBD, also known as cannabidiol, is one of the many naturally occurring compounds in hemp and sativa cannabis plants. CBD is often the less known cousin to THC, its psychoactive counterpart. CBD works directly with the human body and the endocannabinoid system. This interaction can block pain receptors from sending messages to the brain while creative an overall sense of wellbeing. Though scientific studies are still needed and emerging, there is anecdotal evidence supporting CBD’s positive impacts on the ECS and mammals. CBD is extracted from hemp and cannabis plants, then isolated and created into a variety of products for consumption or application.

CBD for the Outdoor Enthusiast

CBD can used in a variety of ways, but one of the most common uses is for stress management and anxiety relief. For the outdoor enthusiast who uses nature for these same therapeutic reasons, CBD could be an added layer of help. Taking CBD on a daily basis, or specifically before a walk in nature, could increase the effectiveness of both the relaxing walk and the CBD product. CBD can similarly create an overall sense of well-being, by eliminating free radicals and restoring balance to the body’s systems. CBD is also used often for pain management and inflammation reduction, which is also useful for those who maintain an active lifestyle. Whether the consumption be oral, or the application topical, CBD can be a great addition to the outdoor way of life, keeping your body moving at peak performance while keeping your mind stable and focused.

An ideal candidate for easy and simple CBD consumption is through the use of an oil or tincture. There are also options like gummies or edibles for on-the-go consumption. For topical use, lotions and salves are also common and great for targeting specific ailments.

Companies like Tribe CBD have crafted products specifically for those who are seeking a well-rounded experience, from seed to sale, that boost the sought after properties of CBD without any unwanted cannabinoids present. Tribe has created a line of reliable CBD products that are ideal for active people, with catered products for specific needs. Here is a list of Tribe products for the active outdoor enthusiast lifestyle:

Tribe CBD Broad Spectrum Oil


This 500mg broad-spectrum oil is completely THC free and ideal for those seeking simple and straight-forward CBD consumption. Crafted carefully to retain its potency while passing all solvent and pesticide tests, this CBD oil is the perfect powerful elixir to start your day and stay active in both mind and body.

Tribe CBD Sleep Shot


These little shots are a great way to finish off your day. Made with 20mg of broad-spectrum hemp CBD oil and melatonin, these are ideal for relaxing your body and calming your mind. These sleep shots are formulated to help you drift into sleep, so you can feel rested and refreshed upon waking. If you had a big day out on the mountain or swimming at the beach and you are having a difficult time winding down, these sleep shots are for you.

Tribe CBD Energy Shots


These powerful and perfectly dosed energy shots combine 20mg of broad-spectrum CBD with caffeine, beta-alanine, ginseng and guarana to give you a boost in energy and focus. With zero THC and just the right amount of active CBD, these shots are ideal for prepping for your day out in nature or if you are starting to dwindle in energy midway through your day.

All Natural 100mg CBD Gummies


A naturally sweet and perfect treat, these CBD gummies are the ideal dose for on-the-go CBD consumption. Each gummy contains 10mg of CBD, perfect to top off your hike picnic and keep going on the trail.

Cold Therapy CBD Cream


Finally, Tribe’s CBD cream is the perfect option to recuperate a sore and worn active body. Through targeted application, you can relieve pain and inflammation from overworked muscles and joints, ensuring you are able to stay active and out in nature every day. Broad-spectrum CBD is combined with plant-based arctic cooling to provide fast acting relief.

Takeaways on CBD for the Outdoor Enthusiast

2020 is the year of the outdoor enthusiast, with more and more people turning to nature for an escape. CBD provides a boosted way to enjoy the outdoors and embrace your love for nature. By using CBD for stress management as well as a boost to bodily function, you may find yourself embracing your love for the outdoors through this naturally derived compound even more. Click here to learn more about Tribe CBD.


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