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Carly Stein Wants to Reinvent Your Medicine Cabinet

By Christina Najjar | July 17, 2019 | Lifestyle

Carly Stein wants to reinvent your medicine cabinet. Actually, more like upgrade. Stein is the founder of the insanely successful company, Beekeeper’s Naturals. After falling ill in Italy and finding propolis as a natural cure that wasn’t readily available in America, Stein left her Goldman Sachs trader life behind to build her buzzing empire. She has a unique story and is on a mission to save the bees while educating people on the integral role they play in our eco-system. She's a beekeeper who developed an innovative bee-made nutraceutical product line that provides effective, natural solutions for better health.


“I don't make a product that I can’t take every day.” Stein told us. “It sucks that I have been sick my whole life but it forces me to hold my brand to a quality standard that doesn't currently exist.”

Stein is meticulous with all of her product development and testing, so every new product that is released is of the highest standard. Stein explained that instead of driving to the drug store for every ache and pain, many of the products she has developed can act as clean, healthy alternatives that work just as (if not more) effectively. We asked Stein to walk us through some easy swaps to help clean up our medicine cabinets.


Instead of regular over the counter cold and flu remedies, Stein suggests trying Propolis Spray: the original life-saver that got her into beekeeping. Over the counter cold and flu remedies are often filled with refined sugar, additives and artificial colors and flavors. Meanwhile, Propolis Spray is all natural, has no sugar and is full of antioxidants.

Instead of regular honey from the supermarket, try B.Powered Superfood Honey which is sustainably sourced. Regular honey may be pasteurized, cut with fillers and be just as bad for you as white sugar. There are only four ingredients: raw enzymatic honey, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly (all the hive superfoods!). Eat a spoonful for daily balance, clarity, energy and immune support. Apply as a weekly face mask to unleash your natural, beautiful glow.

Finally, instead of always reaching for a coffee or caffeine pill which can leave you feeling jittery and lead to a crash, Stein suggests B.LXR Brain Fuel. B.LXR is a natural nootropic, which means it improves and energizes brain function. Packed with some of nature’s most unique and powerful adaptogens, a shot of B.LXR can blast away brain fog, enhance focus and memory and even help counteract the effects of jet lag. It contains three widely researched brain-boosters: royal jelly, bacopa monnieri and ginkgo biloba.

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