A Candid Interview With The Enterprising Colin Yurcisin

By Karishhma Ashwin By Karishhma Ashwin | April 30, 2021 | Sponsored Post,

Credit can be a tricky subject to navigate. Even with the best intentions, it is easy to make credit mistakes that can feel stressful and discouraging, but the truth is, your credit can change. All it takes is a little know-how, some hard work, and the right resources. Credit expert Colin Yurcisin launched his business in credit coaching, having lived through it all. From 50K in debt to running a multi-million dollar business, Colin helps his clients optimize credit for their own benefit, making it a much less scary mountain to climb.


Colin is a digital entrepreneur passionate about leveraging credit and deploying it towards ventures that make his clients money. "Credit shouldn't put us in the red," states Colin. "What it should do is multiply our wealth, increase our profitability, and grant us total freedom in our lives" I sat down and talked with Colin about what inspires him and makes his company different, and he shares in this exclusive interview interesting facts about himself and how we can make credit work for us.

First, going into business is no easy feat. What inspired you to launch your company? "Deep down, I knew I was meant to be a creator," states Colin. "When I graduated, I took a 9-5 job, but I was completely dying inside. I was depressed. I also found myself 50K in debt. I knew that was no way to live, and I was ready to turn things around."

Why credit coaching? "I've lived through it all. I've been in debt, I've been scammed, and I have seen all the negativity that can swirl around credit," explains Colin. "I also dug myself out of that, and I saw exactly how, if deployed correctly, credit can positively affect your life. I feel empowered to share that information with others."

What makes your credit class different? "Not only do we teach people to fix their credit, but we also get it to a level where they can access 0% interest business cards and that allow them to start brand new business for themselves, 100% with other peoples money," describes Colin. "Essentially, we teach people how to make money off of other people's money fueling their businesses and keeping them out of debt."

Many people are scared of credit. They are afraid of going into debt. What would you tell them? "Just because you secure credit does not mean you will land yourself in debt," states Colin. "If that money makes money, you can immediately repay your creditors while earning money for yourself. It is that kind of thinking that removes the fear from credit and turns it into an opportunity, just don’t buy stupid things.”

Passionate about credit and developing content that helps others succeed, Colin is proud of what his company has accomplished. "It can be easy to get frustrated at the system," says Colin. "I believe the solution lies somewhere between challenging it and making it work for us." Colin has an anything is possible kind of attitude which motivates him to strive for more with less risk.

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