Camp Milk Bar Is Officially in Session

By Christina Najjar | July 15, 2019 | Food & Drink

Why wasn’t this type of summer camp around when we were kids! The children of LA should consider themselves lucky because camp is officially in session as the LA location of Milk Bar is offering a new, one-day only, baking class, for kids- Camp Milk Bar!


On Friday, July 26th, Camp Milk Bar, will welcome children ages three and up to come into the Milk Bar classroom to discover the delicious process of making hand-made truffles. Yes, those instagrammable, world-famous birthday cake truffles that Chef Christina Tosi is famous for.


Parents, prepare yourself for a serious sugar rush as each little baker will leave the class with a dozen B’day and/or Chocolate B’day Truffles along with a jug of Milk Bar’s sprinkles! Not only will this be a fun and tasty activity for them, but it will teach them the beginning and essential techniques for making Chef Christina Tosi’s signature Truffles!

Sign up for Camp Milk Bar here

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