Where to Buy Instagram Followers: Choose the Right Site for You

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In today’s world, social networks have taken over a large percentage of the way in which we interact, find new services, and conduct our day-to-day shopping. Among these social media platforms, Insta, or Instagram has become incredibly important. When it comes to social media marketing and building a powerful online presence, a good Instagram account is integral, and this is why more professionals, corporations, and influencers are all looking to buy quality Instagram followers.

With more followers attached to your Instagram profile, you are able to get your content to travel farther and be seen more, further increasing your ability to gather and grow organic followers in your target market.

However, with so much noise online, it can be hard to find the top quality services that allow you to buy Instagram followers at a reasonable price and with little to no risk. This is why we have put together our list of the very best sites for buying more Instagram followers. In this article, we will go over this list, as well as answer some common questions about Instagram and the follower growth service industry.

The Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

These are our choices for the current top Instagram growth service options that allow you to buy real Instagram followers today.

1. Twicsy

Twicsy right now is arguably the best site for buying high-quality and active Instagram followers. With Twicsy, you have a wide range of pricing options, as well as follower type, allowing you to highly customize the services you receive, and with only a few extra clicks, you are also able to boost your Instagram views and Instagram Likes as well.

Of course, these types of services are not unique; however, the exceptional quality of the customer support team, the affordable prices, and the quality services that come in several options make this brand stand out from the pack.


Twicsy also does an excellent job of making this whole process simple and pain-free. Using these services, you will be able to boost your presence on Instagram in literal minutes and with only a handful of clicks. They have fast delivery times, and in most cases, you can expect near-instant delivery of your followers. All deliveries will be done in 24 hours or less.

The pricing structure that Twicsy uses is also a step above most other options. Starting at $2.97, you are able to get real users with a significant discount increasing as you scale up. For example, you can expect 18% off the total price when you buy 100 followers and up to 68% off when you buy 2500 followers. You can pay using several payment methods.

All in all, Twicsy provides you with a fast, easy, and effective service that will allow you to boost your profile with real accounts and with a system that simply makes it amongst the very best available today.

2. Buzzoid

The second top site on our list is Buzzoid. Buzzoid offers several follower packages that allow you to quickly and effectively boost your number of followers with quick delivery, fair prices, and a solid customer support team. In many ways, Buzzoid and Twicsy are hard to choose between and have many comparable features.

Most notably, like Twicsy, Buzzoid also allows you to select the type of accounts you will be followed by, allowing you to choose between ‘high-quality followers’ and ‘active followers’ when you are purchasing follower services. While both purchased follower options are of excellent quality, the active follower option also provides you with accounts that are clearly interacting across the social media platform.


Buzzoid also offers a managed growth package, which is perfect for small businesses or Instagram influencers looking to get started. This service helps play with the Instagram algorithm to ensure that your Instagram page is seeing regular growth and interaction -this way, when your target audience views your page, they will see natural and steady growth over time. This allows for a much healthier and less artificial feeling of online presence -something becoming more essential as users become more sophisticated and discerning.

All in all, Buzzoid is amazing for buying premium followers as well as creating an organic growth plan that will allow you to slowly but effectively grow your business account into a real powerhouse in only a few months.

3. Rushmax

Third, on our list for Instagram follower count-boosting services is Rushmax. Of course, Rushmax allows you to buy new followers and likes for Instagram pages and Instagram posts as you would expect, but in addition to those services, they also offer a unique “AI-Powered Instagram Growth Calculator,” which is designed to help you boost and optimize almost every aspect of your Instagram presence.

This means that Rushmax not only allows you to boost your follower count but they help you do so in a way that is strategic and makes sense with your overall growth plan and strategy. You have several options for subscription services which put your profile through an organic growth method based on niche targeting.

These services are designed to both boost your follower count, as well as ensure your content is appearing before more people in your target market. The larger packages even offer you location and gender-based targeting as well as a dedicated campaign manager and profile optimization coaching. These are plans designed to grow your real organic followers through quality content and clever hashtags, as well as through strategic profile choices.

Simply put, Rushmax allows you to not only grow your followers but gives you all the tools you need to leverage your follower counts into further natural growth and monetization options.

4. ViralYAH

ViralYAH is another brand that has made a name for itself by offering follower-purchasing services for Instagram that are a cut above most of the other noise online today. Originally, ViralYAH began as a service for boosting your media presence across several channels, such as TikTok and YouTube, and relied on tactics like bots -however, they have since become much more sophisticated and today use a variety of boosting methods across several sites, all of which are relatively covert or difficult to spot by Instagram users.

The Instagram marketing aspect of their services is not as fully fleshed out as the TikTok options, but they do allow you to narrow in on a target audience and develop a long-term marketing strategy for a better engagement rate, or you can simply purchase followers in large blocks at solid prices.

All in all, ViralYAH has reasonable prices and gives you enough extra bells and whistles to put them above the other mass follower-purchasing brands currently available online.

5. Greedier Social Media

Greedier Social Media is a unique take on these types of services, and while they still allow you to buy Instagram followers in bulk, they do some at very low, cut-rate prices. This is perhaps the best site for specifically cheap Instagram followers, and though the quality is low and the fall-off rate is quick, you will be able to boost your follower count by huge amounts quickly.

This is often used for the launch of a video or to coincide with some new type of content or product that an Instagram page is starting paid services around. This way, when paid advertising brings customers in, they see a page with a vast number of followers.

While you don’t get as many options, or any real customer service support, the prices are low enough to make this a brand worth highlighting.

6. StormMetrics

StormMetrics is another site that focuses on mass follower counts at low prices. While the followers are still of relatively low quality compared to many of the other brands on this list, they are a bit better than those offered by Greedier Social Media. The pricing falls into a sort of that same thing, with the price of StormMetrics being a little higher than Greedier as well, but still much lower than the other brands.

All in all, StormMetrics is a bit of a middle-ground if you are focusing on short-term high follower counts for low prices but want a little more stability in your followers when compared to what sites like Greedier (or many of the other low-quality mass follower sites) currently offer.

Why Do People Buy Instagram Likes and Followers?

In marketing and advertising, there is a concept referred to as social proof. Social proof refers to the idea that humans, being communal animals, naturally gravitate toward the things that they see other people doing and enjoying. This comes from our natural survival instinct, but it also helps to inform what in our society becomes popular or famous.

When you enhance your follower count, you are taking advantage of social proof to make your small business account (or whatever profile) look much more appealing and popular. With better brand awareness and customer interest, you will be able to increase sales or simply increase your interactions across your content.

Can More Instagram Followers Help My Business?

It is hard to gain followers, and it is even more challenging to get your followers to interact with your content and purchase your products. Typically, only a small percentage will ever be converted to paying customers, no matter how good your content is. By increasing the number of interactions you have, even with a small percentage, you can significantly increase the number of paying customers you have.

By increasing the number of your IG followers (your follower count) you will be able to enhance both your outreach options, as well as your online sales numbers.

Is It Okay To Buy a Lot of Followers at Once?

While many of the services on this list allow you to buy a massive bulk number of followers at once, you need to be careful that you maintain a natural-looking page. If you buy a lot of followers but have no real content to speak of, for example, it will send a red flag to your audience.

You will want to use follower purchasing to more naturally enhance the growth you do have. By doing this, you can grow faster, more naturally, and without making viewers feel like they are being tricked. It is also worth noting that buying too many at once can also cause you to wind up on the wrong side of Instagram’s terms.

Are You Ready to Buy Instagram Followers?

Now that you have seen what options you have for buying Insta followers, is it time to buy some for your Instagram username? With a quick purchase, you will be able to promote yourself or your brand more effectively than ever before, and you will be able to attract tons of new organic followers with your new, better-looking account.

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